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plants@work is the trade association for the Interior Landscaping Industry. plants@work is independent, non-profit making and funded solely by subscriptions from plants@work members.
Formed by Interior Landscapers in 2001 as efig now plants@work stands proudly as the mark of distinction for all of the Interior Landscaping industry. Through plants@work's enduring dedication to promoting the benefits of indoor plants, and the training, information and accreditation available to all of its members, Association is raising the standard for Interior Landscaping on an international scale.
The role of plants@work 
  • to represent the Interior Landscaping industry and protect the interests of plants@work members. 
  • to market and promote the Interior Landscaping industry to the public, and also to specifiers, Facilities Managers, Architects and Interior Designers.
  • to provide useful market information and advice for the industry.
  • to raise standards in the Interior Landscaping Industry through bespoke training, education and personal development programmes.
  • to facilitate networking and business opportunities for members through trade shows, awards, website and social media.
If you're looking for an interior landscaper to bring plants into your interior, you can be sure that all the members abide by plants@work's code of conduct whilst striving to maintain exceptionally high standards through training and accreditation.
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