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My interest in horticulture started when I was a child, around three years old.  We lived in a council flat in Central London and one of my first memories is of a window box.  My dad gave me some seeds and I remember using the window box as a playground, with my action man.  When I was seven, I became more fascinated by plants, especially as every year at school we would grow things, like daffodil bulbs. 

At an early age, I knew that working with nature and plants was something that I wanted to do…I was very fortunate.

At sixteen, I left school.  Back then, there weren’t many options in horticulture. By chance, I spotted a small advert for an apprentice at a florist shop and decided to apply for the position.  I got the job and started working with Ken Hayford in Victoria.

The role involved floristry, interior landscaping and landscaping small gardens in Central London.  I also studied part time at Capel Manor, where I took a number of courses including general horticulture, plant identification, pests and diseases.

I spent fours years with Ken Hayford.  It was an amazing experience and we had lots of high profile clients.  But I decided to leave to go and work in a garden centre in Primrose Hill.  There, my role involved looking after residential gardens and some floristry.

My first job at Indoor Garden Design was as a technician.  And within a year, I’d worked my way up to a supervisory role, before going on to becoming a trainee and then assistant manager.  In those days, Indoor Garden Design provided plants for offices.  So, for example, we’d supply and look after all the plants at Reuters, both in the reception area and throughout the offices.

My career continued to progress to a more supervisory level.  And Indoor Garden Design started to take on exterior work.  For example, an office would have a roof terrace and we’d provide the planting.

I became a director after working at the company for twelve years. 

Now I am Interior landscaping consultant

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