30 UK indoor plant/houseplant industry leaders

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According to Royal Flora Holland, 2/3 of UK indoor plant imports come from the Netherland (more than €200m a year) followed by less than 10% each from Italy, France, Belgium, Germany and other countries - but with the rise in UK houseplant sales, the British industry has many growers, retailers and businesses involved in indoor plants' sale, indoor design and production.



Ian Drummond - Indoor Garden Design (design)

Madeleine Evans - Plants at Work (design)

Caro Langton and Rose Ray - RoRo (designer)

Oliver Heath - (designer)


Claire Bishop - Dobbies Garden Centres houseplant buyer (retailer)

James Nuttall - Blue Diamond garden centres houseplant buyer (retailer)

Paul Holt - N1/W6 garden centres (retailer)

Gynelle Leon - Prick owner (retailer)

Nik Southern - Grace and Thorn owner (retailer)

Peter Milne - Nunhead Gardener owner (retailer)

Freddie Blackett - Patch Plants (online retailer)

Katie Cooper - Bloombox (online retailer)

Jin Ahn - Conservatory Archives (retailer)

Fran & Alice Bailey - Forest (retailer)


Chris Campbell: Javado (supplier)

Neil Stevenson: Double H orchids (grower)

Brian Redman - Waterdrinker (supplier)

Mike Opperman - Opperman's Plants (grower)

Dibley family - UK streptocarpus (grower)

Alex Newey - chairman of Groesn, which owns the UK biggest poinsettia young plant grower Newey Roundstone (grower)

Mark and Amanda Smith - Key Essentials/Love Tillys (supplier)

Greg Hill - Hills Plants MD (grower)

Chris Pugh - Pugh's Cacti (grower)

Brian and Lynda Goodey - Southfields Nursery/Cactusland (grower/retail nursery)

Chanel de Kock - Flower Council Holland UK PR

Plus five writers:

· David Domoney - My Houseplant Saved My Life author

· Michael Perry

· Jane Perrone

· James Wong

· Alice Vincent

Top houseplants (Javado)

· Monstera

· Ficus lyrata

· Strelitzia nicolai

· Alocasia

· Sanseveria

· Pilea peperomioides

· Aloe vera

· Calathea

· Begonia

· Also cacti, succulents, hanging plants — scindapsus, rhipsalis, Hedera.

Published in Horticulture Week 1 February 2021