A few words from our third Chairman

on Tuesday, 22 June 2021. Posted in News

Continuing our series of interviews with past Chairs of efig/plants@work, we asked Andrew Bradley of Flora-Tec Ltd about his time as Chair 2005 - 2006:

Andy Bradley

Q1. According to our records you were eFIG’s third Chairman, following Steve Attrill and David Price. Were you influenced by any of the actions or events that your predecessors had started?

A.   My initial actions were in the spirit of continuing the good work that my predecessors had started and canvassing the membership for guidance on what they needed from the organisation with a view to implementing change.


Q2. During your time in office, a training programme for technicians was initiated. Can you tell me more about this please?

A.   We established a technician training programme covering several modules. Plant identification, maintenance, pest/disease control and customer service. Once all modules were successfully completed then the technician was           accredited and given a certificate from e-fig.


Q3. How well was the technicians’ training programme received?

A.   I believe it was well received and as I remember quite a pot of member participated in upskilling their workforce. Smaller companies that did not have in-house programs were very keen.


Q4. Do you think we should still be offering a similar programme of technician trainings?

A.   Yes – It is a great way to promote the organisation and engage with the membership.


Q5. How would you motivate more companies to join plants@work now?

A.   You need to look at what you are offering and is it compatible with what the membership feels it needs. We looked at training programs, Health and Safety and legal advice tied in with the membership fee. We ran large tree                planting and training in Holland. You need to offer something they do not find anywhere else.


Q6. Where/which direction would you like to see the organisation heading, going forward?

A.   Need to listen to the membership first then have a strategy to deliver.


Q7. If you were invited to be Chair now, what direction would you try to steer the organisation towards?

A.   Raising awareness of the organisation, promote training, run workshops, help with best practise. Help smaller businesses get going with living walls, biophilia. Assist with marketing support.


Q8. What is your all-time favourite houseplant?

A.    Ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig)

Fiddle leaf

Ficus lyrata 

Q9. Let us finish with an old favourite – tell us something about you that most people won’t know:

A.   Won a Silver Gilt medal at Chelsea flower show for display of vegetables. Back in the day when Flora-tec was just an idea.