A field trip with Jane Perrone

on Monday, 18 February 2019. Posted in News

With Valentine's Day behind us, we are excited to share our latest content piece in the UK on Thejoyofplants.co.uk channels. Last November special guest Jane Perrone joined us on a field trip where we visited the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair, and also spent a full day visiting a few nurseries in the Aalsmeer area.

Jane Perrone cactus

With a camera in tow we followed Jane Perrone, freelance writer, presenter and producer of indoor gardening podcast On The Ledge, indulging and exploring majestic glass-covered fields of plants (or miles of smiles, according to us). Greenhouses so vast, some took a few hours to move through, and of course we were constantly distracted by the wonderful plants being nurtured by passionate growers and discovering some varieties not yet available in the UK.

We were given full access and went behind the scenes to get a glimpse of where it all begins before our beloved plants reach the shops, and finally given a perfect spot in our homes.

From Greenhouses to Urban Jungles

Jane talks us through how her passion for houseplants started, and shares some of her top tips on how to take the best care of our plants and help them grow. We intend to use this content to inspire, educate, and deepen the appreciation of houseplants with our audience.

You can read the article on Thejoyofplants.co.uk.
Watch the full video here.

On The Ledge
To listen to Jane Perrone’s highlights and interviews with the growers on this trip, visit On The Ledge.

Jane Perrone table

Jane Perrone next to the 'magic table' at Ubink

With special thanks
Thank you to the growers who welcomed us to their nurseries and taking the time out of their day to speak to us and show us around. The words 'kids in a candy store' came up a few times.

Kwekerij De Amstel - who specialise in tropical plants
Ubink - third generation growers who specialise in cacti and succulents
Vireõ plants - who specialise in tropical plants and Hedera