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on Tuesday, 09 July 2019. Posted in News

The Favourite Office Plant 2019 runner-up: Epiphyllum anguliger aka the Fishbone Cactus

EpiphyllumAnguliger 3

  • Likes a bright space but not full sun
  • Water well in spring and summer but much less in autumn and winter
  • Keep in temperatures above 10C
  • Mist frequently

A very unusual epiphytic cactus i.e. it grows on other plants. Its long fishbone-like leaves are initially upright but as they grow longer they trail over the pot making it a perfect hanging plant. In fact this way sows it off at its best. May produce white flowers.

Originates from Mexico.

FOP the plants lr

This is the tenth year that we have conducted a poll to find the year’s most popular office plant. Or the plant which best fits the criteria.

A long list is chosen – sometimes by members, sometimes by suppliers. We invite website visitors and members to vote for their top three matching the selected criteria. The top three plants are reviewed by an independent panel of judges who choose the winner.

Plants@work promote this plant and its benefits via the media and social media during National Plants at Work Week in July and at any other suitable occasion.

FOP lr

Epiphyllum anguliger is second from the left held by judge Claudia de Yong

Images from L-R: Matthew Appleby, Claudia de Yong, Madeleine Evans, Ian Drummond and Chanel de Kock

The criteria to consider
The criteria are the same as last year - mainly aesthetic and suitability. That's because we all know that plants help to reduce our stress levels and also improve our productivity and creativity - no wonder our member's designs win awards! Of course having them in our workplaces and homes help us to reconnect with nature too

  • Plants that make a statement
  • Plants that work well in indoor green walls
  • Plants make a retro comeback
  • Plants you'd like to see used more