Case Study – 3 Temple Quay by Ambius

on Monday, 08 July 2019. Posted in News

Here is our second Gold Award winning Design and Installation case study for projects worth more than £10K. This one is by Ambius at 3 Temple Quay in Bristol.


General information
The aim of this project was to make the atrium area stand out and create a 'wow' factor. This was achieved by installing Ficus plants in beautiful Walnut Trapezium shaped planters in glass gap sections at the front of the reception area. along with a Ficus Nitida tree complementing the space perfectly due to the height and available natural light.



The client wanted their plants to be serviced correctly, which or technician Jonathan Powell has managed to achieve by keeping the plants looking uniform and create the 'clipped hedge' look that had been envisioned for the site.


The plant displays placed at the front of the atrium needed to be centred perfectly between the glass fins that protrude from the glass wall with the front faces all aligning. These were then placed in a straight line by calculating the different dimensions of each Trapezium-shaped planter. This took time and involved the team having to create visuals and drawing sketches to ensure this was carried out correctly.

In the end the design worked out as planned and resulted in this site being a “wow” building

We installed 6 Bespoke Wooden planters. The planters were all made to specific measurements and the type of material we used was GRP Planters clad in Walnut.

We supplied five Trapezium-shaped planters, planted with Ficus plants all planted closely together as the client wanted to achieve a clipped hedge look. We also provided the site with a Ficus Nitida Tree (5 -5.5 m height), which was planted in a bespoke made round shaped Walnut-cladded planter.


Adding the Walnut displays to the space, created the ambient atmosphere and made the reception area feel inviting and a talking point and completed the reception atrium refurbishment perfectly so that the end result was achieved.

This project was quite challenging and involved a lot of precise measuring as the shape of the glass was not placed at a straight angle. This resulted in the measurements of each section being slightly different, so that we needed the design to complement the space and for it to look in proportion when looking down from the floors above.


Plant choice was critical to ensure they would survive in the space and be happy in the environment taking into consideration factors such as light, temperature, water, nutrition and humidity. Working with the experienced technicians at Ambius, we chose the Ficus to create the “clipped hedge” look the client wished to achieve.

This project was fun to be a part of and we learnt a great deal.