Case Study – Client A, Green Team Interiors

on Monday, 16 September 2019. Posted in News

With next year's Leaf Award entry deadlines soon to be announced, you'll all be thinking about which installations and maintenance projects you'll be entering. So we thought we'd give you some inspiration and remind you of some of this year's Gold Award winners. This month we will be featuring Design and Installation Awards in the Under £10K category; this one is by Green Team Interiors for Client A.

Fiserv 7

General information
An existing customer, “Client A” announced they were moving premises in January 2018 and invited Green Team Interiors to visit the new building and its décor to design a new planting scheme. The client was keen to establish a corporate and classy scheme, allowing the displays to blend in with the new décor and complement it without being too overpowering.

The new office area is airy and spacious, with a lovely atrium where Client A was keen to use planting as a barrier between various seating areas and to guide footfall along the designated walkways. Green Team Interiors designed a scheme using simple, geometric shapes to reflect those in the floor coverings and to add structure to an otherwise open area, and added wall planters as an extra feature in the breakout area where space was limited.

For the atrium we used Barrier planters containing a variety of planting including Sansevieria Laurentii, Dracaena Marginata and Dracaena Compacta.

Fiserv 1

The Client Area corridor had no natural light and the display needed to be mobile so we used another Barrier planter fitted with recessed castors and planted with Dracaena Compacta.

Fiserv 2

In the Coffee bar we installed large Cube planters containing Ficus Benjamina ball on stem as they were situated in a nice sunny window spot.

Fiserv 10

The Breakout area had little space for floor standing displays so instead we hung two Live Pictures.

Fiserv 9

All of this was accompanied by a desktop Cube on the Reception Desk containing a colourful double stem orchid.

We chose to have all the planters finished in Polished Basalt Grey RAL 7012. This closely matched one of the colours in the carpets and the metal window frames surrounding the building.

This was an exciting project to work on. The building was a fresh, blank canvas, boasting clean lines with an abundance of light. From a design point of view, it was an opportunity to create a scheme that blended seamlessly with its environment, offering subtle structure with both the pots and plants and designing a colour scheme that matched the furnishings.

Fiserv 6

There were a few practical challenges too : Client A needed a mobile display in the client area corridor so we proposed a Barrier planter fitted with recessed castors for maximum mobility. They were also very keen to have plants in the breakout area. Given the limited space there, we included live pictures in the design.

Client A wanted to concentrate on planting for the client facing and breakout areas as they felt this is where they would be most beneficial. For practical reasons, they needed a mobile display in the client area corridor so we opted for a Barrier planter fitted with recessed castors for maximum mobility. Given the limited space in the breakout area, we proposed the use of live pictures.