Case Study – Good Will Gold Leaf for IGD Community

on Friday, 17 September 2021. Posted in News

Good Will Leaf Award

IGD Community

This is a new category in our Awards which was introduced this year. It recognises projects, products or work undertaken for charity that have created an impactful response to a problem or set of circumstances brought about by the pandemic; it will also recognise special provision of an installation and product/creative innovation in interior landscaping.

Project Wingman 1

General information

IGD Community was an initiative launched off the back of the COVID pandemic with the aim to support our local community as well as a wider London audience. We have donated plants to charity organizations for many years and the at the start of the lockdown last year, our marketing team member James Whiting heard about a new charity venture called Project Wingman on the radio. He reached out to support them on behalf of IGD and our relationship as a founding sponsor began.

Project Wingman 4

Project Wingman were setting up ‘first class lounges’* in London hospitals as break out spaces for all NHS staff due to airline staff being out of action. We donated plants to many sites to brighten up what were very dull spaces as well as free plants for NHS staff to take home. This partnership has continued to develop with us now working alongside PW and their travelling bus which visits hospitals all around the U.K.

Project Wingman 2

*Project Wingman called on the airline community to take crew into NHS hospitals to look after NHS staff during their breaks in dedicated lounges. An incredible 6,500 airline crew volunteered offering their time, knowledge and skills to serve and support NHS staff, providing vital well-being and mental health support. Courtesy of the Project Wingman website

Project Wingman 5

For a more local initiative, we planted up communal planters with plants near to benches where local pensioners sit. They don’t have garden spaces to call their own, so throughout the summer these areas became invaluable and were used frequently by the residents.

Community Planting 1

Community Planting 2   Community Planting 4

Community Planting 3

Following on from this, our team took the opportunity to brighten up the homes of our local neighbours too by delivering free plants to them on the most depressing day of the year; Blue Monday (18th Jan 2021).

Blue Monday

COVID Impact
Our main challenges around COVID were the fact that much of the organisation was done from home with James co-ordinating the plant deliveries to Project Wingman Sites remotely. Plants had to be prepared whilst observing lockdown rules and deliveries were made to hospitals where the team had to maintain a safe distancing from the other volunteers etc. Access to plants was at times difficult, but we re-used old plants and planters where possible, giving them a new home in the lounges.

Additional comments
With the impact of COVID being felt across communities up and down the country we wanted to do our part to give back in what was a very unsettling time. Our team went above and beyond to achieve this whilst working within the lockdown restrictions.