Case Study – Grand Union Housing by Urban Planters Reading

on Monday, 05 October 2020. Posted in News

Congratulations to Urban Planters Reading for their Design & Installation Silver Leaf Award for Grand Union Housing.

Office divider

General information
We started working with Grand Union Housing several months before they moved into new offices. Their old office was dated and full of plants that they maintained themselves were all in various stages of dying!!

The brief from our client was: -

‘… to create a working environment that embraces the values of Biophilia - bringing the outside in by using plants, moss, natural finishes / textured planters, in various shapes and natural colours to bring the office alive’


We worked from the floor plans and mood boards and then visited as the office was being constructed, working closely with the client to ensure their vision became reality. We decided on a pallet of natural and grey planters all with a textured finish to create and organic feel. The plants were chosen to provide a mix of foliage, shape and colour taking the light levels into account within the areas.

Open plan office

The items used were a specimen plants in the offices and open plan areas, a mixture of desk bowls in various shapes and colours on shelves and window ledges throughout the offices, cabinet top planters & a moss wall.

Moss wall

60 units

Flat & ball moss
Grp Tapered round planters
Donut planters
Capi bowls
Eco-line bowls
Poly stone seaside planter
Aglaonema, Asplenium, Osake, Chlorophytum Variegatum,
Crassula, mixed varieties, Dracaena Jade Jewel,
Ficus Cyathistipula, Microcarpa Ginseng & Robusta,
Haworthia, Philodendron Congo, Phebodium Blue star,


Sansevieria, Scindapsus, Stromantha Amabilis,
Yucca Elephantipes, Rhipsalis



Even from the beginning it was a privilege to work with the client. Fortunately, we both had a similar vision of the scheme they were looking for and we were very excited for the outcome as we worked through the process.

We had various meetings tweaking the ideas and numbers to ensure that we had the correct amount of planting throughout the offices.

Overall the design worked well. It was well received by the staff who loved their new office and the planters within their cabinets.


One display was even personalized by the reception team!