Case Study – Inspired Entertainment Inc by Urban Planters Derbyshire

on Tuesday, 12 October 2021. Posted in News

Congratulations to Urban Planters Derbyshire for this Gold Leaf Award winning Design & Installation over £10K at Inspired Entertainment Inc.

Insp Ent Image 1

General information
107 Station Street is an historic building situated within Burton upon Trent and was originally part of a very large brewery, which is what Burton is renowned for! When the building was renovated, the design company had a clear vision to retain the original character of the building.

This huge space was kept predominantly open plan, with walls stripped back and left in their original state, of exposed brick work, fixings and original building features – combined with very minimalistic grey/black & white tones. The result was a very industrial, post modern space.

Our job was to design a plant scheme to fit in this space, to be sympathetic to the mood and feel, but to also punctuate the rawness of the space with nature and greenery – and a contrasting softness.

Insp Ent 4

41No Total Displays (12 x Live and 29 x Replica)

Free standing displays
3 x tall concrete planters plus liners containing 3 Kentia palms

4 x Corten steel cylinder planters on casters each containing a Ficus Nitida

2 x cabinet top tough planters (different sizes), one containing 8 x Aglaonema maria and one containing 10 x Aglaonema maria

Tree image 2

Suspended table planting
12 x Ficus pumila Hanging Bush pots
9 x Asparagus plumosus bush green hanging pots
12 x Asparagus sprengeri hanging bush

Insp Ent 9

Test Lab
4 Cabinet top trough planters
24 x Croton petra

Brew Hub Seating Area
2 Anthracite concrete finished planters
2 x Croton iceton

Insp Ent 7

Astra Meeting Room
2 Anthracite concrete finished planters
2 replica Song of Jamaica

We aimed to echo the industrial feel of the building with containers that strongly reflected the look and feel of the space, utilizing large Corten (rusted steel) planters with large trees, to emphasize the wide open space. The green canopies made a fantastic contrast against the monotone raw background, like planting had started to grow again within an almost a post-apocalyptic environment; the first shoots of nature taking back its space.

This theme was continued with Composite concrete finished planters containing large Kentia Palms and splashes of vibrant colours from the Codiaeum foliage. The planting appears relatively sparse as the space is so huge, but I think that this further increases the impact.

Insp Ent 5

We softened a large steel grid partition with suspended replica planting to add some much needed life in to what would be a quite harsh albeit interesting space – appreciate the irony that it was replica planting used here – but this was a specific look that we wanted to create that would have been incredibly difficult with live planting.