Case Study – ITV Plc by Indoor Garden Design

on Thursday, 11 July 2019. Posted in News

It's Day 4 of National Plants at Work Week and time for another gold award-winning case study. This one comes from Indoor Garden Design and their installation at ITV Plc.

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General information
ITV are a long-standing client who have moved offices recently from long-standing and somewhat dated headquarters to several new office locations. With this they decided to completely update their plant displays and look to fit in and enhance the new décor in the offices.

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One of a number of locations is numbers 1 & 2 Waterhouse Sq in London’s Holborn, the historic former red brick Prudential Assurance Building.

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For the floor planters, a range of planters have been used including ‘giant size’ polystone Essence column planters to give real impact and Lower Ego bowls where lower planting is needed. Anthracite colours have been used throughout, to suit the décor.

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Plants include architectural Monstera, Sanseveria, Dracaena and Kentia palms.

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For the desk and cabinet top units fashionable glass terrariums have been used but much larger than the usual. These give real impact across the office and are of interesting geometric shapes and sizes, planted with succulents, cacti and other appropriate plants. The vintage look works well with the décor and style of the site.

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GRP troughs with Sanseveria, Beaucarnia & other plants as well as Ego plus desk bowls provide additional greenery and help enforce the client’s tidy cabinet policies.

Some Doughnut planters are also situated at strategic locations, planted with colourful orchids. These complement the fresh flowers & flowering plant displays on reception/greet area.

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After many years in more traditional surroundings, it was great to have the opportunity to offer ITV a new planting scheme appropriate to the ethos and culture of the company.

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A much more modern and dynamic planting scheme, making use of new shapes and materials in this historic but modern office setting was as much a pleasure to design as it was create, provide and now maintain.