Case Study – Llamasoft Europe Ltd by Urban Planters Birmingham

on Friday, 02 October 2020. Posted in News

This case study highlights the Silver Leaf award winning design and installation carried out at Llamasoft Europe Ltd by Urban Planters. Congratulations!

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General information

Llamasoft wanted to introduce naturalized planters/planting into their newly occupied office space in Solihull. After looking through the options with the client, it was decided that we would use the Naturecast range as the basis for the scheme.

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A mixture of Couple and Partner planters in varying sizes were positioned throughout the office, with (almost) a different species in each. Whicker planters were used at the end of desks to continue the natural theme, with bark clad bowls used on table tops to add even more emphasis to the natural look.

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Naturecast planters – Couple & Parnter
“Danish Trolley” – Koberg/Plantinum

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Plants used:
Song of India


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Image 13

Ficus Microcarpa Compacta

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This scheme speaks for itself! The planters need no words and are beautifully refined, with the planting just adding to the overall look.

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Particularly liked are the branched species throughout and how the naturalized look continues from the wooden forest residues of the planter into the branched stems..