Case Study – M&C Saatchi Christmas Installation by Plant Designs

on Tuesday, 10 November 2020. Posted in News

This week we are show-casing members’ award-winning Christmas installations which were announced virtually in September this year.

This case study was installed by Plant Designs at M & C Saatchi. Loving the Ampersands!

2 Saatchi Lobby trees lr

Don’t forget plants@work members can create large or small installations of Christmas Cheer in your workplace.

General information
Our client – a large advertising agency – wanted us to provide Christmas decorations for their reception and café area that would combine the uniqueness of their brand with the more traditional elements of Christmas. They wanted an installation that would be totally show-stopping and a celebration of their company’s innovative streak.

3 Saatchi Lobby trees close up lr

For the café, the client wanted something large (approximately 12-14 foot in height), free-standing, and unique in design. After mind mapping a few ideas we decided to make a bespoke festive ampersand that would replicate a key component of the company’s logo and be a conversation starter for any employees or guests seated in the café.

4 Saatchi lr

For the reception area, we opted for two 7ft Christmas trees that would immediately get visitors in the festive spirit, as well as a smaller bespoke ampersand that would sit against the reception desk and mirror the design of the larger café centrepiece.

7 Saatchi Smaller at reception lr

The design needed to be out of the ordinary and completely show-stopping, while also conveying Christmas spirit. This allowed us to get really creative with the scale and shape of the display, which we then decorated in a traditional red and gold scheme that would immediately make employees and guests think of Christmas time.

1x 12ft Ampersand, 1x 3ft Ampersand, 2x 7ft trees

12 sheets 6x4ft plywood, nails, weights, Flexi MDF, 150ft Replica garland, Red and gold mixed decorations, Tartan Bows, Staples, 2x 7ft replica trees and fairy lights.

Working with an advertising agency always requires that extra spark of creativity, as clients of this nature are often in the market for something really unique. What could we do that was a little different? A Christmas tree that isn’t shaped like a Christmas tree! The ampersand really fitted the bill – unique, creative, and totally festive.

The next concern was the practicalities of building and decorating a 12ft ampersand within the client’s specified budget. First of all, we came up with a design that fitted their size and aesthetic requirements, alongside some ideas on how we could make it freestanding. The 3D ampersand shapes were cut from MDF off-site and the put together in situ on the day of installation. During construction, weights were placed in the base of the structure to ensure it would be stable.

1 Saatchi Install lr

   6 Saatchi Scale lr

Once built, we set about transforming the ampersand into an ‘alternative Christmas tree’ by attaching garland using a combination of staples and wire. This work was completed in situ. As there was a glass wall behind the ampersand and a gallery walkway above, we decorated the structure so that it would look beautiful from every angle, adding lights and decorations to the entire piece.

5 Saatchi Close lr

To carry the design scheme through to the reception area we added a mini floor standing ampersand as an alternative to a festive wreath, alongside two traditional 7ft Christmas trees that framed the entrance stairway to give a festive feel as soon as you walked into the office.