Case Study – Mitie London HQ, The Shard

on Monday, 23 September 2019. Posted in News

With entry deadlines soon to be announced, you'll all be thinking about which installations and maintenance projects you'll be entering in next year's Leaf Awards. So we thought it was a good time to remind you of some of this year's Gold Award winners.This month we will be featuring Design and Installation Awards in the Under £10K category; this one is by Mitie Landscapes at their HQ at The Shard.

1.The Shard

General information
Mitie’s own head office in the Shard has been designed to showcase what Mitie can do for its clients, whether facilities management – such as front of house, cleaning or catering – or its new strategy, the connected workspace, which utilises data analytics to help improve operational efficiency. Our landscapes team worked closely with the designers to ensure that the interior planting both enhanced with visual aesthetics of the space and contributes to the wellbeing of the staff.

8. the shard. Sanseveria reflects the skyline

Working alongside DaeWha Kang design we helped create the fantastic environment within the Regeneration Pods where cacti and succulents help the Zen-like calm of these amazing chill-out zones. We also contributed planting impact, albeit subtly, to the biophilic living lab. As its name suggests, the Living Lab at The Shard will be used as a pilot study to measure the impact of biophilic design on worker wellness and productivity.

7.the shard. Chamaedorea Elegans screen planting

Planting is used in many different styles throughout the offices. Banks of Scindapsus trailing from high cabinet tops add foliage interest at eye level without taking up floor space. Chamadorea Elegans is used as a screen to help create privacy and sound absorption around quiet meeting areas. Clipped ball-top Ficus Nitida is used as a central feature in circular seating areas. Unusual free-standing planters are suspended in box-section metal frames to reflect the built environment and skyline seen through the windows. Then we have the miniature cactus garden surrounding the regeneration pods and the minimalist impact of Sanseveria Mikado literally planted into the desks of the living lab area to bring nature right into the personal workspace.

10.the shard. biophilla in the workplace

We were delighted that our interior planting division could play such an integral role in creating the unique working environment for our colleagues in the Shard. The importance of Biophilia and the benefits of bringing nature into the workplace is certainly being recognised more and more by office planners. Hopefully it’s a sign of even greater credibility for our industry going into the future.