Case Study – Mogrify by The Good Plant Company, Gold Leaf Award under £10K

on Tuesday, 21 September 2021. Posted in News

The Good Plant Company won a Gold Leaf Award for this installation in the Design & Installation Under £10K category at Mogrify. Congratulations!

Overall view seating


General information
Mogrify is a UK biotechnology company specializing in stem cell technology and based in Cambridge’s Science Park.

It has a mix of office and lab space in its new building and the brief was to make the social areas more soft and inviting in contrast to the ultra-clinical lab spaces. In the client’s own words, they wanted to give the offices ‘a bit of life’.

Mogrify logo

In the main open area that greets you as you enter the office, there are shelf units and soft seating. The colours reflect the brand colours in a palate of teal, orange and grey. Here we used turquoise and bronze pots in the design, with a variety of leaf shapes – Kentia palms, Ficus elastica, Dracaena lemon/lime.

We created a moveable ‘screen’ of Dracaena surculosa in dark grey pots on wheels to separate the kitchen from the lift area.

Dracanea Surculosa

On the shelf units we put a selection of smaller plants in pots again using teal and grey with an interesting variety of plant shapes including agave, fern and scindapsus.

Dracaena lemon and lime Kentia Palm

We used the ‘refined retro’ pots with oak legs in the meeting rooms. The varied colours of the pots and the plant variety gave each meeting room an individual feel. The client was happy as the oak legs of the pots complemented the oak furniture in the meeting rooms.

Schefflera Amate


Plant Installation

Refined Retro in teal, grey, white
Basic system dark grey pots with integrated liner and wheels
‘Coppa Sepia’and turquoise ‘pure’ couple pots 50cm
Selection of small pots for shelf unit plants

Phlebodium Aurem blue star

Plants: mostly hydroculture, Top dressing – black stones
Dracaena Surculosa
Ficus Lyrata
Kentia Palm
Schefflera stem tree
Dracaena Lemon/lime
Schefflera Amate

Beaucarnea   Sansevieria Laurentii

Small plants
Phlebodium Aurem ‘blue star’, Agave, Scindapsus pictus, Aglaonema Maria

Scindapsus Pictus

The greatest compliment is the client feedback: this client was particularly thrilled at the variety of plants and how transformative they are to this otherwise clinical environment.

Ficus Lyrata Schefflera