Case Study – One Church Road, Mitie Landscapes

on Monday, 16 September 2019. Posted in News

With entry deadlines soon to be announced, you'll all be thinking about which installations and maintenance projects you'll be entering in next year's Leaf Awards. So we thought it was a good time to remind you of some of this year's Gold Award winners.This month we are featuring Design and Installation Awards in the Under £10K category; this one is by Mitie Landscapes at One Church Road.

1. Church Road. Reception

General information

The customer approached us because he thought that his reception area was very bland and in need of an uplift to improve visual impacts and customer experience. We think we have achieved this with minimal ongoing maintenance cost.

5 interior live displays, 2 artificial green walls, 1 moss wall.

6. church road.replica greenwall detail

3000 x 2000 Replica wall x 1
2000 x 1000 Replica wall x 1 road. what to do with a blank wall.AFTER 2

2 x Fire extinguisher planters planted with Chamaedorea
2 x Cylik planters planted with branched Beaucarnea
1000 x 1000 Reindeer Moss panel
2 x Cirkik Orchid displays road. greenwall in situ

The replica green walls in this project create an instant impact and a real ‘green feel’ to the space. When combined with live orchids and potted foliage plants the trick of convincing most people that they are real is complete. The fire extinguisher planter is a great way to tidy a necessary but unsightly piece of equipment in a creative way that provides another opportunity for planting on top. road. fire extingusher planter

Our client was delighted with the outcome.