Case Study – Peter Vardy by Ambius

on Tuesday, 28 September 2021. Posted in News

This case study is for the entry by Ambius for Peter Vardy for which they won a Gold Leaf Award in the £10K+Design & Installation category. Congratulations Ambius.

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General information
Peter Vardy Ltd is a Scottish family-run Car dealer group, stocking a variety of new and used cars, in its 15 dealerships throughout Scotland. They aim to make it easy for you to find your ideal car.

Peter was opening a new state of the art head office at Pioneer house in Motherwell, and wanted to create an office space that had a wow factor. With a company aim of being The Best Place to Work and The Best Place to Buy, the health and wellbeing of staff was a big priority.

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Peter wanted to create a wow factor for staff and visitors as they walked into the building, as well as continuing the theme as they moved through the building to their work stations.

The remit was to make the entrance look like a jungle.


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Materials used:
1) 3 x Portland Stone Blobs 1100mm x 950mm x 850mm
2) 1 x 3.5m Song Of Jamaica
3) 2 x 3.5m Podacarpus Gracillior
4) 1 x Live Divider 112cm x 180cm x 15cm
5) 16 x Peporomia Shumi Red 10.5
6) 20 x Phlebodium 8.5cm
7) 21 x Epipremnum Aureum 8.5cm
8) 21 x Fittonia Bianco 8.5cm
9) 20 x Anthyrium Spicatum 8.5cm
10) 6 x Polished White Linik Troughs 1000mm x 300mm x 300mm
11) 6 x Epipremnum Aureum 27cm x 1.5m trail
12) 12 x Replica Bean Grass 166cm trail
13) 1 x Polished White Kubik 420 x 420 x 800
14) 38 square metres of Bun Moss
15) 6 square metres of replica foliage and flower panels
16) Bull Rush Multipurpose compost
17) Leca Granules
18) Slate top dressing

The remit for the lobby and entrance area was to create a jungle. Light levels, space for canopy and root ball, foot traffic and access were assessed in each area before the species were chosen.

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Using 3.5m Podacarpus and Song of Jamaica , gave the client the wow factor he was looking for.

The displays were planted in Blobs with a Portland stone finish, the shape in keeping with the décor of the building, but the Portland stone finish in keeping with the jungle feel.

Moss Walls, a Live Divider and troughs with trailing plants were used to cover the white walls and contemporary feel of the entrance and enhance the “jungle” image.

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Linik troughs were placed in the lift lobbies at the balustrade and planted with trailing plants to create the illusion of branches drooping down from trees. Live planting was used on the 1st Floor level as the trails could be accessed safely from the ground with extension pruners and dusters for maintenance. On the 2nd floor replica plants were used as these could easily be removed from the planters to be cleaned, eliminating the need for scaffolding and inconvenience to the client. Polished white planters were used to complement the décor on each of these floors.

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Moss Panels were used throughout the office spaces to complement the planting at the entrance.

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A replica wall was installed in the staff restaurant area to introduce some greenery in a space with little natural light.