Case Study – Proud Robinson Urban Landscapes by Indoor Garden Designs Ltd

on Monday, 21 October 2019. Posted in News

This year's Gold Leaf Awards are under way with entry deadlines announced as 31 January 2020. We know you'll all be thinking about which installations and maintenance projects you'll be entering. So we thought it was a good time to remind you of some of this year's Gold Award winners. This month we are featuring the Special Events category with this one by Indoor Garden Design.

Proud robinson 8

General information
Proud Robinson asked us to create a landscape for an event they were hosting for an IT company.

Proud robinson 9

The event was held in a disused office space in London and was just for 24 hours (1 day and 1 night). We only had 8 hours to install.

Proud robinson 10

The plain shell of the event space was transformed into a contemporary space with rustic elements. We created an urban landscape using scaffolding with planters attached. The scaffolding side wall was decorated with troughs filled with wild woodland-looking plants.

There were suspended cables between the walls which were decorated with trailing foliage to create an organic woodland atmosphere.

Proud robinson 4

The dining tables where guests were seated followed the theme of the understated look, designed to be unobtrusive, rustic and nature inspired.

Proud robinson 7

The events had a several areas where guest were socializing. In one of these areas an artificial green wall was installed. An additional statement to complement the main scheme.

Proud robinson 3

The troughs were arranged with a mixture of plants such as trailing ivy, Scindapsis, Rhipsalis, ferns and other varieties of plants to create an interesting variation of texture.

Proud robinson 1

The suspended decoration of wires were enhanced with ivies, ruscus and other foliage creating the trailing effect.

Proud robinson 5

Table centres in the form of scattered bottles were continuing the foliage theme. A splash of colour in the form of yellow craspedia berries was added.

Proud robinson 6

The whole scheme was installed and created in 8 hours.

Proud robinson 2