Case Study – Rovi Europe Ltd, Design & Installation by Green Team Interiors

on Thursday, 01 October 2020. Posted in News

Congratulations to Green Team Interiors for their Silver Leaf Award for the Design & Installation at Rovi Europe Ltd.

8 Rovi STH

General information
Rovi Europe Ltd is an American technology company who moved into their offices in Windsor in May 2019. They approached Green Team Interiors following a neighbour’s recommendation and together we designed a theme for their high-tech office. Rovi Europe had a very clear idea of the overall look they wanted to achieve, very largely driven by the concept of biophilia. Using the architects’ drawings and simulated images, Green Team Interiors worked very closely with Rovi Europe to propose and design a stylish look and provide horticultural guidance.

1 Rovi

In the reception area, we installed a 120cm Bosco vase, providing a “wow factor” with its stunning wood/natural look. The Philodendron Xanadu fills the space beautifully.

The Meet & Greet area was assigned a matching Bosco round bowl with Cemani wood finish to continue the natural theme, planted with a lush Caryota palm. We feel that the soft lines of the bowl reflect the welcoming feel of the soft seating area.

5 Rovi

For the open plan office, we placed two Curvy S containers in Key Lime Green to continue the “green theme”, dressing the walkway and adding some bright colours to the stylish area. The Zamioculcas are perfectly suited for this area.

6 Rovi

Another Curvy Marilyn container was assigned to one of the meeting rooms. We proposed Sky Blue in this instance to complement some of the furnishings in this room. The Sansevieria Laurentii complete the stylish and structured look for this meeting room.

7 Rovi

Finally, our design included a pair of Black Gloss Lechuza Cubico for the Demo Room and Window for a more corporate look as requested by the client. Our choice of Sansevieria Black Coral and branched Croton Petra complete a beautifully varied planting scheme.

Our contact at the time was a very demanding customer who knew exactly what she wanted. Right from the start, Rovi Europe’s main brief was based on biophilia: the customer wanted to bring the outside in, which is why we proposed to use Bosco containers with their natural look to resemble bark. We also included lime green and sky blue glass fibre pots to bring in some vibrant colours.

3 Rovi

At the time of proposal, the Rovi offices were still under development and we designed the scheme based on the customer’s requests, architects’ plans and simulated images.

2 Rovi

Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to get the new containers delivered and ready for the office opening. However, we were able to help with a short term solution and installed some temporary displays for a few weeks so that the offices were still benefitting from a green, fresh look right from the start. These temporary displays were removed upon install of the final displays.