Case Study – SAS Institute, Urban Planters Oxford

on Tuesday, 25 September 2018. Posted in News

Category - Office

As part of our support of World Green Building Week 2018, we are publishing more of our members' Gold Leaf Award winning installations. This one is from Urban Planters Oxford for SAS Institute. As always, these case studies confirm the versatility of our members and the care taken to work with their clients to provide plants in their workplaces.

7 SAS pair braided Ficus

This year the awards were divided by categories as well as monetary value i.e. Offices, Hospitality and Retail.


General information
SAS is a high-profile software company and they have their HQ at Marlow in a lovely setting next to the River Thames. There are a mixture of buildings in their estate including the original Manor House, an Orangery and a newly built main office building where most of the 600 staff are housed.

4 SAS Codiaeum in corridor

The brief was to remove 20 very old client-owned displays and to come up with a new scheme using high end containers to complement both the new and old buildings.

We proposed using the Capri Nature range as it had a large number of different shapes and sizes, and together with its natural textured finish was just what the client was looking for.

9 SAS Podacarpus

The light levels vary in the offices, but there are some very high light areas so species such as Podocarpus and Ficus were able to be used in these areas.

8 SAS pair double stemmed Ali

The scheme has settled in very well and the client is very pleased.

We have used all of planters from the Capri range in different shapes and sizes and all in the ivory colour. All the plants are feature plants and are chosen to suit the shape of the planter and the location to create a strong bold feature.

5 SAS Group 3 Ficus

All of the items were supplied by Nieuwkoop

The scheme is perfect for the office setting, the design suits both the old and new buildings the natural colour of the ivory works beautifully on wood floor, carpet and tiles.

10 SAS Rhaphis

In each of the three buildings around the site these displays enhance each area and especially where we have used different shaped planters and different species in the different spaces.

3 SAS Dracaena burley

The scheme does give the feeling of bringing the beautiful landscaped estate inside into the office space.