Case Study – Serif Europe Ltd, Design & Installation by Ambius

on Tuesday, 29 September 2020. Posted in News

We are now covering the Silver Leaf Award Winners in the Design & Installation category with a look at Ambius’ project for Serif Europe Ltd.

Serif 4

General information
The client wanted to add soft green tones into their Japanese inspired minimalistic office but with a slight industrial/rustic feel with the containers.

Serif 5

The large open plan office needed a small breakout space where they could take a moment out and the tree seating area worked perfectly to achieve this.

27 units which included:
A mix of Fiberglass planters with an aged lead and rust finish planted with Sansevierias.

Serif 10

Tree seating area planted with 3 x Ficus Trees.

Serif 9

Large XL Live Picture planted with mixed planting.

Serif 13

After our first meeting with this site, we were very excited to go away and bring their vision to life; Neil is extremely happy with the overall look and expressed that I had grasped the exact look he was hoping for.

Serif 2

Serif 3

We are now looking to add some moss wall barriers in the main office to create more calm, secluded breakout spaces.