Case Study – Simply Health, Andover by Nature at Work Ltd

on Monday, 09 September 2019. Posted in News

With entry deadlines soon to be announced, you'll all be thinking about which installations and maintenance projects you'll be entering in next year's Leaf Awards. So we thought it was a good time to remind you of some of this year's Gold Award winners.

This month we will be featuring Design and Installation Awards in the Under £10K category, starting off with Nature at Work's installation for Simply Health, Andover.

Simply Health 1

General information
This installation was a joy to do, as the client, the project manager and his team and Nature at Work really jelled. The project team consisted of the Head of HR who wanted to ensure that the staff really benefited from the revamped Head Office, the main client contact was careful with costs but realistic too and incredibly frugal with space – and the project manager and his team were flexible and adaptable enough to come up with innovative solutions to fit the brief.

The scheme brought together moss pictures (ball moss and reindeer moss), pairings of plant displays, plant-clad central pillars, premium pots in Exec area and a suspended hanging display to create a fresh, colourful and innovative scheme that won huge praise from the Simply Health staff.

Simply Health 5


  • Ball and Reindeer Moss in bespoke picture frames
  • Contrasting pairings of plant displays using complementary colours and alternating ‘spiky’ (Sansevierias, Yuccas and Dracaenas) with ‘fluffy’ plants (Aglaonemas, Monsteras, Scheffleras and Zamiis).
  • Signature branched Beaucarnea Recurvatas on each floor
  • Scandens and Scindapsus growing up pillars in the middle of the floor – transforming dead space into oases of green and variegation

Simply Health 6

  • Basic low round pots in two different corporate colours, planted together in pairs to give more for less

Simply Health 3

  • Premium displays with tall Crackle pots, planted with Lyratas and Philodendron Xanadu and Zamioculcas

Simply Health 2

  • Hanging or ‘floating’ central display planted with mix of Aglaonemas, Scindapsus, Xanadu and Chamaedorea to give ‘jungle’ look.Hanging display with special light planters, planted with artificial hanging plants

This is a rare scheme where the client, the project manager and Nature at Work dovetailed beautifully with a varied scheme that covered three floors of a revamped Head Office: moss pictures, green-clad central pillars, contrasting paired plant displays, a stunning central lit hanging display and premium displays in the impressive Executive area.

Simply Health 4

The staff were full of praise for this scheme which successfully transformed their workspace in an innovative, space-saving and cost-effective way.