Case Study – SLG Cheltenham installation by Urban Planters Reading

on Wednesday, 07 October 2020. Posted in News

Congratulations to our last Design & Installation Silver Leaf Award winners, Urban Planters Reading for their work at SLG.

1 reception lounge SLG

General information
SLG is a creator of some of the high street's most fashionable beauty brands. It fuses trend, fashion, lifestyle and popular culture into remarkable beauty brand offerings. SLG designs, develops and markets these brands to the global beauty market and has a reputation for incredible creativity and trend awareness.

Our brief was to complement the company’s creativity and design ethos.

4 Pavillion lounge SLG

The client wanted to use planters that were natural, individual and tactile – they sourced some themselves from their interior designers. Urban planters worked closely with the design team to marry all the ideas together creating a very individual and bespoke scheme. The client wanted us to ensure the design objectives within the landscaping created an overall feeling of well being within the offices, to bring the outside in and define areas with a mix of plant sizes and shapes

2 PA Pod SLG


Veitchia (adonidia) merrillii 3-Stem,3m high

Ficus Lyrata 2.5m & 3m high
Strelitzia reginae 160cm high
Strelitzia Nicolai 125cm high
Cycas Revoluta 100cm high
Schefflera amate 230cm high
Dracaena Succulosa 190cm high
Euphorbia ingens 230cm highFicus Elastica Burgundy braided stem 250cm high
Beaucarnea 240cm high
Kentia 120, 160 & 280cm high
Philodendron varieties mixed sizes

5 Bleachers terrace Hammock av SLG

Rhipsalis Paradoxa and Ramulosa red coral 30cm pot hanger
Scindapsus Epipremnum large 30cm pot hanger

8Outside boardroom SLG

Planters from CapiKubis rattan planter,
Drypot rattan round pots,
Empire bowl rusty,
Kubis Banana planter
Along with a lot of baskets which the client’s designers sourced themselves

The new office space has 5 main areas of planting they are:
The round floor entrance way leading to the meet and greet area on the first floor

10 Reception SLG

The Pavilion Break out area and tea point

9 Hammock avenue SLG

The Bleacher seating area, corridor and chill zone
The CEO’s office, boardroom and orange box

7 Boardroom SLG

The freeway and open plan areas
To define the areas and create a different and individual planting experience the areas have been planted with different shaped Plants & planters in a range of materials giving a very different organic feel

3 Kitchen bar SLG

Testimonial from our client
We decided to use Urban Planters because of the huge range of plants they had to offer. We did not want the standard plants you find in an office, we wanted to create a Palm Springs vibe with exotic plants. We were able to go to the nursery in Amsterdam to carefully select the plants we wanted to bring back to Studio 19.

6 Bleachers terrace SLG

Installation of the plants was seamless despite us having approx. 60 plants to place in specific locations.

Nick comes out every couple of weeks to maintain the plants and keep them looking their best.

Olivia Williams
PA & Office Manager