Case Study – St Pancras Renaissance Hotel Design & Installation by Indoor Garden Design

on Thursday, 17 September 2020. Posted in News

Congratulations go to Indoor Garden Design for the Design and Installation project at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel.


General information
We have been working with the hotel since it opened in 2011. Now due a refresh and change of approach for the main lobby, we were approached by the client to design a new scheme.

We worked with MLG and their Architects, Space Copenhagen on this project to refurbish the Renaissance hotel lobby, now called The Hansom.


Space Copenhagen had a clear vision for the planters; each one slightly different, with a handmade unique look, with large leafed plants of varying sizes.


We proposed a selection of hand glazed Chinese ceramics and water jars. Sourcing and hand selecting each planter and plant to create interesting and naturalistic displays, whilst creating a cohesive feel for the overall scheme. Some displays were arranged in clusters of varying sizes, whilst others were positioned individually in the space as statement features.


In addition to the free standing planters, the hotel constructed a bespoke planting bed in which we planted Tetrastigma specimens at 2.5m with under planting of foliage varieties.


Installation Plant list:

  • Philodendron xanadu
    Ficus Lyrata
    Anthurium Jungle King
    Philodendron Imperial
    Catathea Medallion
    Yakuta water jars – Various sizes