Case Study – Staying Well Crawley, Richmond Fellowship by Green Team Interiors

on Monday, 20 September 2021. Posted in News

Good Will Leaf Award

Green Team Interiors

This is a new category in our Awards which was introduced this year. It recognises projects, products or work undertaken for charity that have created an impactful response to a problem or set of circumstances brought about by the pandemic; it will also recognise special provision of an installation and product/creative innovation in interior landscaping.

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General information

The wonderful people at Staying Well Crawley (Richmond Fellowship), a mental health crisis prevention service, were pointed in our direction as they opened their brand new centre in Crawley as a joint venture with Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

The service provides emergency and planned mental health support for adults throughout the area. There was no budget for plants and we were delighted to offer our support by donating and supplying striking artificial plants in complementary coloured planters.

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The ground floor space is freshly decorated, and feels bright and airy with windows on three sides with venetian blinds to provide privacy whether day or night.

COVID 19 Impact
Chon Donnelly, operations manager at Richmond Fellowship, the charity in charge of the development of the crisis prevention service in Crawley, was looking for some planting for their new space. There was no budget for plants at all, and she was hoping to introduce good quality artificial plants for convenience at the centre (rather than not knowing how to look after live plants). Green Team Interiors were very keen to help and donated 9 containers and artificial plants. As the area was being fitted with new furniture, we wanted to make sure that the donated planters would blend well with their beautiful new décor. Then everything was promptly delivered by Becky Tierney and “planted up”, all ready for when the furniture was delivered.

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Chon is in no doubt of the effect that the displays are already having. “We wanted to create an environment, particularly for first time visitors to a crisis prevention service, which would encourage people not to feel segregated, to have an impression of being in a place that they would visit at any other point in their lives and avoid an ‘institutional’ atmosphere. Some of the Mental Health teams that have visited and the new staff have all absolutely loved the look with the plants. We have used the plants to create different zones within what may have otherwise been quite an overwhelmingly large and impersonal space.

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“I, for one, am extremely grateful to Green Team Interiors for providing us with such statement plants in tall and elegant contemporary planters. The plants create a more personal and welcoming space, less of a clinical or dreary look that people sometimes might expect! We have also noticed that the plants have an added benefit in terms of acoustics, as there is now less ‘echo’ in the space.”

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Further Comments
It was a privilege working with Chon and the Richmond Fellowship, and we are over the moon that we had the opportunity to donate plants and planters to help them create a warm environment for visitors to their Mental Health Centre.

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Jason Collins, service manager of the Staying Well Crawley added, “Staff, visiting Mental Health professionals and clients have all commented on the soothing positive environment the plants have created as a workplace for the staff and a feeling of well being for the clients. The layout and flow of the plants enables clients to use different areas of the layout to choose to sit alone or with staff and reflect and discuss how they are feeling. The overall opinion is that the plants give the service a feeling of privacy in different spaces where the clients can breathe and relax. It’s all down to Green Team Interiors.”

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The links between green plants and mental wellbeing are firmly established and Green Team Interiors strongly believe in the effectiveness of plants in easing stress, improving concentration and reducing anxiety. We were delighted to help provide support where shortfall in their budget didn’t allow for much needed plants.