Case Study – UBS Christmas by Indoor Garden Design

on Thursday, 11 November 2021. Posted in News

Congratulations to all those at the ‘late’ Indoor Garden Design who designed and installed the Highland Fling at UBS last Christmas (2020).

Picture 5 UBS Live Trees Distance Shot 2020 1

General information
Indoor Garden Design’s concepts and ideas for UBS Christmas 2020 was to use their red branding colour and give it an uplift with tartan and traditional decorations. We chose to go along the lines of a Highland Fling. Bringing some fun into the design with boots, stag horns and drums.

Picture 7 UBS Under Tree Dec Close Up Boot 2020 lr

Live Christmas Trees from 6ft – 8ft.
Replica tree 7ft
‘Zigzag’ trees 2.5m
“UBS” 3D Logo
Wreaths on stands

Picture 1 UBS Desk Wreath 2020 lr

Fish bowl table top decorations
Red, Gold and green bauble decorations
Tartan Bows
Hand made giant tartan ribbon
Hand made tartan bows
Hand made Drum under tree décor

Picture 6 UBS Close Up 2020 lr

With most companies cutting back on Christmas this year we had to be creative in our approach – as the client wanted a big impact on a small budget without losing their long standing tradition of their Zig Zag trees. They also threw in at the last minute they didn’t want glitter – so we had to revise the design and remove all our glittery decorations and still have the wow factor!

Picture 4 UBS Live Group From Atrium 2020 lr

The focus was more on the live trees and the impact on the reception when you entered the building. This year’s trend was seeing more and more tartan in the decoration – so we chose the Highland Fling Concept and brought in ideas like boots, stag’s horns, drums, tartan bows and ribbon. The large scheme we had planned was scaled down dramatically and we really had to make sure this year was as good as the past.

Picture 8 UBS Zig Zag Tree Lift Lobby lr

Our very talented Christmas Designer Joanna Marriott is the lead on the design and implementation of ideas. She hand-made all the bows, the giant tartan ribbon that ran through the live group display and made the decoration boxes under the trees into drums to follow through with the scheme.

Picture 10 UBS Gold Zig Zag Tree Close Up 2020 lr

The decorating of the structures takes place prior to installation as is a lot of work carried out again by Joanna overseeing a team of 3 people. The installation took around 8 hours with 10 people. With things all scaled back the client was delighted we could still have the impact they are accustomed to and said we delivered over and above their expectations.


Picture 5 UBS Live Trees Distance Shot 2020 2