Case Study – UBS Christmas installation by Indoor Garden Design

on Thursday, 12 November 2020. Posted in News

By now, you’ll be aware that we are show-casing members’ award-winning Christmas installations this week. These were all announced as award winners during our virtual award ceremony in September this year.

This case study was installed by Indoor Garden Design at UBS. Loving those nutcrackers!

Pic 3 UBSPAW Bespoke Boxes lr

Don’t forget plants@work members can create large or small installations of Christmas Cheer

Pic 1 UBSPAW 5 Trees Night lr

General information
Indoor Garden Design’s concepts and ideas for UBS Christmas 2019 are to bring a traditional Christmas with a modern twist. Using red to highlight the UBS brand and gold to complement and highlight the traditional Christmas tones. We are adding to the tradition by using nutcrackers in the displays.


Live Christmas Trees from 6ft – 8ft
Replica tree 7ft
‘Zigzag’ trees 1m – 3m

Pic 10 7th Tree and Beds lr

Large 2m wreath 

Wreaths on stands
Artificial garlands
Fish bowl table top decorations

Pic 4 UBSPAW Vases and Beds lr

Large Baubles

Large / Medium Gold Hanging Stars
Red and Gold decorations
Battery Lights
Giant Red Baubles (1m diameter red glitter baubles – 16kg each)

Pic 7 Hanging 1m Baubles and Gold Stars lr

Nutcrackers ranging from 12cm to 1.5m
Bespoke Wooden Boxes with suspended Décor Inside
Clear Perspex boxes with décor inside
Large decorative 60cm pine cones

It’s always a challenge to make the design fresh and contemporary as the client always wants to use the wooden structures that reflect the outside of their HQ building. This year instead of just changing the colour of the structure and the décor inside, we also added replica foliage to the outside of the structure and a star on top – to replicate live / traditional trees.

Pic 8 3m Tree lr

From our Design and Trend experience we knew that Nut Crackers would be represented as a retail / Christmas trend this year – so we proposed these and the clients loved them – however, they requested that they had both male and female versions. This proved yet another challenge as they are male character. Our very talented Christmas Designer Joanna Marriott, was tasked to transform our male Nutcrackers into females.

Pic 2 UBSPAW Live Group Trees lr

Each Female Nutcracker is dressed differently and all outfits have been handmade by Joanna and her team. They also had to make the faces more feminine by changing the eye and adding make up.

Pic 6 Desk Wreath with Nutcrackers lr

The decorating of the structures takes place prior to Installation as is a lot of work carried out again by Joanna overseeing a team of 10 people. The bespoke gold boxes were all handmade, sprayed and the décor added.

The installation takes a day with around 20 people working on it: using Scissor Lifts to hang the giant baubles, and the creative team assembling all the pieces together to get a fantastic final result.