Case Study – Vox Manchester by Urban Planters North West

on Saturday, 25 September 2021. Posted in News

Urban Planters North West were awarded a Gold Leaf Award for their installation at VOX Manchester in the Under £10K Design & Installation category. Congrations!

General information

The client wished to remove the artificial planting which had been installed at the design and fit-out stage of their new building development. They wanted to bring a natural, biophilic feel to their areas while providing their residents with a home-from-home experience.

PIC 4 Vox lounge high level overlooking Manchester

The internal common areas had been dressed by the furniture suppliers and did not reflect Vox’s priorities and desire to incorporate a natural environment. We looked to replace the replica planting with a selection of large, leafed displays to provide a contemporary but relaxed style of planting. This was continued to the front of the building with the addition of four large containers planted with bay trees and seasonal bedding to reflect the changing seasons.

PIC 1 Vox external front doorway

The planting provided was chosen to complement the clients existing units, which featured a combination of floor standing, troughs and suspended planters. This meant a mixture of vertical and trailing planting was selected to achieve the appearance the client was expecting.

PIC 2 Vox high level lounge

Installation planting

Trailing Scindapsus
Fiddle leaf palm

PIC 7 Vox reception walkway

Vox, Manchester is a new and upcoming, high end residential building who have built their brand image around health and well-being. Their building benefits from a large exterior roof terrace complete with running track and space for their residents to relax both before and after their working day within the busy city centre.

PIC 6 Vox Lounge

Through the installation of a selection of live, large, leafed planting we were able to integrate this large external area into their internal common areas. The planting not only provided a natural, homey feel, but it also offers many added health benefits to all the areas.

PIC 3 Vox lounge high level floor standing