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on Thursday, 27 September 2018. Posted in News

Continuing our series of case studies of award winning installations by our members, we bring you condensed versions of six winners in this year's awards.

Skyscanner, Indoor Garden Design
Skyscanner are a large supporter of interior plants having all their UK and European offices populated with distinct planting schemes that differentiate each office, whilst still adhering to their corporate style guidelines. For this new London office the client’s brief was to use both replica and live plants to bring the space alive. The bespoke frame was hung in the centre of the office where upside down Boskke Sky planters with Scindapsus were placed and the supporting metal work was interlaced with replica Scindapsus. At floor level, due to low light levels, groups of three planters each containing a mix of replica and live plants were used supporting the illusion of all real planting. The planting scheme included: Ficus, Kentia, Lyrata, replica Olive, Cowboy Cactus, Monstera.

Skyscanner 1

Skyscanner 10

Harley Davidson, Urban Planters Oxford
The Harley Davidson HQ in Oxford was enhanced by the addition of Capri Nature Row range planters in anthracite with a ribbed pattern that resembled motorcycle tyres. These planters were placed in all the building’s office areas and showroom whilst a further ten troughs were added to the 1st floor atrium. The large leafed plants were chosen for their rustic charm and to complement the Harley Davidson branding, whilst simple low level planting was chosen for the showroom areas where the motorbikes took the prime position. The top dressing of shredded rubber tyres continues the biking theme further.

Harley atrium

Jaywing, Nature at Work

The scheme reflects the creative nature of the client’s business; the standard plants and planters were replaced by innovative and out of the ordinary displays. By working closely with the client and the suppliers, the concrete and fibreglass planters in interesting shapes were specified to complement three separate areas. In the offices, island plantings were created in the centre to give the space focal points. Here plants that could cope with low light levels were chosen. The forest themed meeting room was enhanced by a bark pot planted with ferns, whilst the roof garden benefited from bamboo planted custom made fibreglass planters. The exterior space is highlighted at night and during gloomy early evenings with garden floodlights which adds another impressive external office centrepiece to the scheme.

Jaywing Plants 1 of 11

Jaywing Plants 8 of 11

Jaywing Plants 11 of 11

Martin Currie, Ambius
The main objective of the scheme was to create a feature in the reception area that would present a unique focal point for clients visiting the building. In the mainly white reception, planting was introduced to make the area less clinical but still in keeping with the contemporary image. The moss wall not only created a focal point but also helped with the sound levels in the area. Vegas and Towik planters in the customer’s corporate colour were used to split up the expanse of the walls and to continue the contemporary feel. Sansevieria Cylindrica Handshake and Haworthia fasciata were introduced some greenery into the reception but still allowed space to see through the planting to the seating area behind.

1 Martin Currie Reception desk  2 Martin Currie Sans

10 Martin Currie

Stackhouse Poland, Green Team Interiors
Stackhouse Poland, the specialist insurance brokers, required a new planting scheme for their new premises. The client wanted to introduce interesting shapes and textures whilst keeping the colour scheme fairly neutral. Limited floor space in some open plan office areas gave the ideal opportunity to use wall mounted live pictures. Natural sandstone Stack planters were placed in the reception and in the staff area with stylish polished black Hexik planters in the meeting rooms. Plants used throughout the schemes were: Philodendron Red Beauty, Ficus Twilight, Croton Petra, Croton Mrs Iceton and Schefflera Gold Capella Braided Stem.

7 Stackhouse DI

Varco, Ambius

The main objective of this scheme was to bring the outdoors in and create an area inside that was welcoming for both staff and visitors to the building. Using large 5m Ficus in the atrium at the staff restaurant, an oasis for staff to relax was created. The Blob style planters gave the area a more modern feel while the bright colours reflected the company logo creating a brand identity. Scindapsus on canes were planted in the fixtures along the wall to create a hedging effect and soften the area. Curvy Marilyn planters were used at the entrance along the window to make it immediately apparent to visitors the location of the entrance, the variation in height also indicating on which side of the entrance the door was located on. These were planted with Sansevieria Cylindrica Handshake allowing reception staff to see through the planting and visitors approaching the building. A smaller Blob container with Ficus Longi was planted at the other side of the door to continue the theme of the atrium on a smaller scale.

Varco5 Scindapsus Hedging

Varco 8