Favourite Christmas Houseplant: The ‘Rosemary Tree’

on Monday, 04 December 2023. Posted in News

As usual we have asked a number of celebrities from the plant world to choose their Favourite Christmas Plant. The selection of plants they were asked to consider included favourites from recent years’ winners and runners up.

Coming out top
This year’s top choice was for Rosemary or a similar small fir tree. Michael Perry aka Mr Plant Geek chose this option explaining, “It's distinctive, and the fragrance will be the perfect tonic in the winter home!!”

Rosemary tree

Nina Mason of Pro Landscaper voted, “The rosemary/fir trees get my vote this year!” She explained her love for ‘the opportunity to create a mini Christmas tree and to fill the room with such a gorgeous scent, and with a year-round benefit too.”

In a close second place was the Hellebore voted for by Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona and second choice of garden designer, Claudia de Yong.

Other plants that were given a single vote were the Poinsettia, the Hyacinth, the Schlumbergera aka the Christmas Cactus and Paper Whites aka Narcissus papyraceus.

What a history these plants have! Poinsettia, perhaps the original Christmas plant for many of us, originates from Mexico, shows off their brightly coloured bracts. The heavily perfumed Hyacinth is another seasonal favourite which also heralds spring. The Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera) comes in several colours including red, white and pinks and as its name suggests is a popular choice for this time of year when it flowers. Paper Whites aka Narcissus papyraceus, these all white, dainty flowers from the daffodil family show off these sweet-smelling beauties.

Heralds of spring
Indeed, we think choosing one favourite for your Christmas houseplant is difficult. These beauties and several others not only have qualities of their own to appeal but they herald spring which is always welcome.

Thank you to all the industry celebrities who took part to find this year’s Favourite Christmas Houseplant including Matthew Appleby, editor of Horticulture Week, Nina Mason of Pro Landscaper, Claudia de Yong, Jane Perrone of On the Ledge podcast, Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona, Vanessa Champion of the Journal of Biophilic Design.