Favourite Office Plant runners up

on Wednesday, 15 July 2020. Posted in News

As you know, Sansevieria took the coveted title of Favourite Office Plant this year. Chosen by a distinguished panel of horticultural judges from a short list of four RHS approved houseplants to consider for their abilities to reduce stress levels and improve mental health. We would like to thank the judges for their feedback: Matthew Appleby, Horticulture Week, the team at Pro Landscaper, Greg Redwood, Head of Glasshouses at Kew Gardens and a senior RHS judge, Claudia de Yong, Garden Designer, Jane Perrone, Podcaster, Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona, Chanel de Kock from Flower Council of Holland and Michael Perry aka Mr Plant Geek.

FOP finalists 2 lr

Runner up: Crassula
Coming in as runner up was Casual, otherwise known as the money plant or Jade plant. As another o the RHS recommended plants, where better to look at how to care for but at the experts themselves. So check out this RHS video:

Crassula care

Judges comments:

Greg Redwood, Head of RHS Judging: ‘Casual is fairly tough and undemanding, it does require higher light levels if it is to thrive in the medium to long term.’

Claudia de Yong, award winning garden designer: ‘Casual are very low maintenance so good for a desk (may even flower if you let them).’

Chanel de Kick, Flower Council of Holland: ‘Casual - it’s an easy-care plant, but this plant offers a wonderful burst of green with a softer shape that may have a more calming effect. The plant also symbolizes luck, which may help induce a feeling of hope for many businesses during the difficult times of late. It also takes up little space, so ideal for a desk.

In third place: Scindapsus
A worthy third place was given to Scindapsus or Devil’s Ivy. According to the RHS Devils Ivy lights bright filtered light rather than full-on sun.
Water well allowing it to dry out in between waterings and keeping dryer during the winter months. Mist regularly to keep humidity levels up and keep out of draughts. Ensure winter temperatures above 10ºC. Repot every couple years.

Extra tip: Every so often put it under a cold shower to wash off the leaves and pinch out growing tips to encourage bushier growth.

Scindapsus 1 lr

Judges comments:
Greg Redwood, Head of RHS Judging: Scindapsus cultivars: tolerant of a wide range of light conditions (and always looking great whenever I’ve judged them for the annual awards). They always seem to manage to look fresh and healthy throughout the year.

Claudia de Yong, Award winning garden designer: ‘Scindapsus need to climb or hang with its aerial roots so it may be difficult to display and if they are placed in a dark spot they may lose their leaf variation.’

Michael Perry aka Mr Plant Geek: ‘Devils Ivy … is a plant that truly grows in rooms without windows and can cope with less than ideal conditions.’

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