Addressing any gender bias in the interior landscaping industry

on Monday, 15 March 2021. Posted in News

As a response to a request from Pro Landscaper about how our industry is responding to the call to challenge and change the gender bias and close the gender gap evoked by this year’s International Women’s Day message, we asked a few members for their reactions.

INternational womens day

Green Team Interiors see the issue of gender equality as a part, albeit an important part of a wider commitment to fairness and equality throughout their entire business, as their MD Mark Berriman explains. “Our company is literally built on the principle of ‘A Better Way’, a pledge to treat every person that touches Green Team, in any way, with respect and appreciation and we actively seek relationships with businesses that we feel share our awareness of these values.

“When Ruth Neal started Green Team interiors more than 20 years ago, she did so with a determination to do business the right way, a tradition that we are proud to maintain.”

GTI from socmed

Ian Drummond at Indoor Garden Design, “We Created the Group women@indoor at last year’s International Women’s Day as a platform to support our female employees.

IGD logo lr

IGD's Women@indoor logo

“Our mission is to support them all to achieve their full potential, encourage, enable and facilitate their active involvement within the company.”

IGD at Wisley lr

IGD Women at Wisley

At Urban Planters, Thomas Palfreyman explained, “Our main strategy is to make sure women are well represented by ensuring positions at all levels are open to both sexes and one of the most direct ways to achieve this is to keep recruiting more women into our workforce.

“In certain parts of our business, such as National Accounts, there are double the number of women to men, but as a total percentage women are still underrepresented. Our main aim, therefore, is to continue to keep ensuring positions within the business at all levels are open to all and encouraging women to join us in the parts of the business where they may be underrepresented.

“We are all equals at Urban Planters and can work together to ensure everyone has a voice within all levels of our business irrespective of gender or race.”

While Mitie tweeted on IWD, ‘This week we are celebrating and recognising the contribution that women make to Mitie.’

Mitie from Twitter

With apologies to those members we didn’t manage to contact, with only a couple of days to organise this and a request for no more than 100 words of copy, it was impossible to include more. We would like to thank all those who managed to send us a few words for inclusion in the article which will hopefully appear in the next edition of Pro Landscaper.