Houseplant travel: Create that holiday feeling through the power of plants

on Thursday, 06 May 2021. Posted in News

According to The Joy of Plants press office,nearly a third (28%) of people in London admitted that they’ve bought more houseplants since lockdown began, and many Brits across the country are still hugely uncertain about changing travel restrictions and red lists although more news on this is expected today. In the meantime they worked  on other ways to improve the travel restrictions! partners with Urban Jungle Bloggers to reveal how you can transform your home and travel abroad with houseplants.

Brazil 2 

While there is hope and optimism on the horizon as the easing of lockdown looms, uncertainty remains on travelling abroad this year. According to a report*, the extent people are missing travel is taking an emotional toll and impacting their wellbeing, with nearly half (48%) of respondents citing that not being able to travel makes them feel anxious and stressed.

The solution? Armchair travelling. The concept of armchair travel involves seeking to experience faraway places from the comfort of your own home - whether that’s reading a book about, watching a documentary on or listening to the music of a particular country to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds without stepping a single foot in it.

With many restrictions still in place and no sign of them easing soon, has partnered with houseplant enthusiasts and experts Igor Josifovic-Kemper and Judith de Graaff of Urban Jungle Bloggers to showcase the power of Houseplant Travel.

Houseplant Travel involves embracing native houseplants from countries across the world and pairing them with signature interior design trends to transform a space in your home and transport you to the shores of a faraway destination. Creating two distinct and beautiful looks, Igor’s took inspiration from Brazil while Judith chose South Africa - both authentically capturing the flora and style of each country with houseplants in the spotlight. It also serves as inspiration to make the most of our staycations this summer.

Brazil 3

S Africa 5

Recreating the Amazonian Jungle, Igor’s look features a gigantic Philodendron Selloum, bromeliads, Philodendron Tortum and Calathea Burle Marxii. He carefully paired his striking selection of greenery with accessories reflective of traditional Brazilian craftmanship and contemporary Brazilian design alike. Purposely keeping a simple colour scheme, his look is dominated by green hues with splashes of bold colour and earthy nuances throughout.


Travelling across the Atlantic Ocean to South Africa, Judith packed her look full of elegant Stretlitzia, augusta, Nicolai and reginae plants, as well as Protea flowers. With a neutral colour palette, she took cues from contemporary South African design featuring an abundance of graphics and shapes and paired the houseplants with beautiful textiles, natural materials such as linen, jute and cotton, as well as handmade terracotta items.

S Africa

Now, Urban Jungle Bloggers have offered their top five steps on how to recreate your favourite holiday destination within the walls of your home. During a time when many are needing a holiday more than ever, houseplant travelling is the perfect solution to achieve that holiday feeling while we can’t tick countries off our bucket list in person.

1. Start small but go big

To begin the transformation of a space in your home akin to your favourite holiday destination, you only need to start small and pick a selection of your favourite plants. Ideally, if space allows go for fewer but bigger and more mature plants. Place them in a stylish planter or hand-woven basket and this will immediately create impact.

2. Select your colour scheme

Maintain a neutral colour scheme such as black and white, earthy tones or beige neutrals to ensure your houseplants stand out. From here, add vibrant splashes of colour with blooming houseplants signature to your chosen country or handmade, customised terracotta pots.

3. Choose accessories wisely

Once you have selected your colour scheme, carefully pair your houseplants with accessories which will make you feel like you have arrived in the country. This may be natural materials such as stone and clay, or textiles with bold graphics and shapes. Small furniture items such as stools and ornaments are a great way to incorporate additional elements of the destination.

4. Develop a plant care routine

While creating the look is the fun part, spending time taking care of your houseplants will help you to unwind and relax, giving you a well-deserved break from busy days of video calls or working from home – almost like a little holiday! Many of us go on holiday to nurture our wellbeing or reignite our creativity spark which caring for plants can also achieve, so establishing a daily routine is arguably more important than ever while we can’t travel.

5. And relax…

Like holidays, houseplants improve our wellbeing and enable us to rediscover our inner balance, so adding greenery to your home will certainly give you a taste of the holiday feeling you are craving. So, the final step is to ensure you have a comfy place to sit among your houseplants, immerse yourself in the lush foliage, travel across the world without lifting a finger, and simply… relax. Bon voyage!