Mother's Day Favourites

on Friday, 25 March 2022. Posted in News

With Mother’s Day just days away, we have selected some of our favourite plants to offer as a present to this important person in our lives. We’ve also asked some of our committee for their choices to receive.

Exotic orchids
We’re starting with the ever exotic orchid. The most common orchid is the Phalaenopsis which is available everywhere including supermarkets. It looks exotic but is relatively easy to care for. Its blossoms last a long time and with some simple tips it is easy to get them to reflower.


Here are some of our favourites with simple facts and care instructions for all varieties. 

Phalaenopsis – the favourite and most widely available.
Vanda – we know that our Ambassador Ian Drummond has a soft spot for these!


Oncidium – delicate yellow blooms


Paphiopedilum – Coll says, ‘I’d love to receive one of these.


Flowering plants
Of course most plants have flowers of some sort but not all are known for their blooms so this group are ones that are!

Beautiful Calla lilies (Zantedeschia) – any mother would love to receive. Some varieties can be planted in the garden later.

Mixed calla FCH lr

Calla lilies (image: Flower Council of Holland)

Jasmine – delicate flowers give off an intense perfume. If it’s too much you could wait for warmer weather and put it out in the garden.

Jsmine BW


African Violet – this plant has velvety leaves and rich coloured flowers. How can you not love it? We know it was our Ambassador, Ian Drummond’s mother’s favourite.

African Violet Country Living Mag

African Violet - courtesy of Country Living

The exotic Anthurium has heart shaped flowers to convey your love for your mother.

Anthurium MS

Anthurium courtesy of M&S

Hydrangea were once described to me as bathing hat plants! They are certainly full flowering and if planted outside, may change colour depending on the type of soil you have.

Hydrangea MS

Hydrangea courtesy of M&S

The potted Rose is the favourite of committee member Shirley Smith of Botanica Nurseries, ‘I love a plant that I can put into the garden after enjoying in the house. I do love roses so that would probably be my favourite.’

Potted rose MS

Potted Rose courtesy of M&S

Medinilla - Coll, our Marketing Manger’s choice is the Medinilla. Love the colour and its showy blooms and even its stems add interest. Always something to engage with. This explanation courtesy of The Joy of Plants sums it up:
‘Amidst elegantly waving leaves, the stems – which feel like cork and are square – grow in high arches, bearing large pink bells. When they open, a cluster of dark pink flowers emerge - there’s always something happening with Medinilla. This majestic houseplant is a real feature and deserves a spot where it can stand and hang freely. This shows off the leaves well (which can reach a length of 30 cm), and allows the flower clusters to emerge fully from the calyxes. It’s an easy houseplant to look after; Medinilla needs virtually no care and flowers for 3 to 5 months.’

Medinilla magnifica


Committee member Shirley Martin of Ambius voted for Lavender. She says, ‘I really like lavender plant that I can plant in the garden as not only love the smell when sitting out enjoying a glass of wine it attracts the bees as well.’

Green plants
Joanna our Office and Project Manager says that she has recently added some cactus to her plant collection, ‘I love them!' shes says, 'They aren’t the most user-friendly but they are great for small spaces.
She was also given a small Draceana Marginata plant some time ago which she confesses not to have loved at that time. ‘Now,’ she says, ‘It is growing happily, and she is definite friends with it now!’

Joannas cacti 2  Joannas Cacti

Joanna's cacti

Joannas Dracaena marginata

Joanna's Dracaena marginata

The Good Plant Company’s Ruscha Fields chooses a maidenhair fern for Mother’s Day ‘because they are so lush, delicate and pretty preferably in one of these cracked blue pots. We sold a lot of these at our mother’s day pop up shop yesterday.’

Maidenhair fern

Maiden Hair Fern courtesy of The Good Plant Company

Emily Vernon of phs Greenleaf commented, 'Maybe the time of year and the excitement of summer coming but I’m loving any plant of a tropical nature. I have treated myself to a very chunky, very glossy, Fatsia japonica that looks fab on my patio in a container and can be transferred into the garden when 'he' gets bigger.'

Fatsia japonica

Fatsia japonica