Nominate Your Outstanding Team Members for Recognition!

on Monday, 18 March 2024. Posted in News

International Interior Landscaper Day is plants@work initiative, developed in collaboration with partners from the United States and Australia. It aims to honour the contributions of interior landscaping professionals worldwide. This year, the celebration falls on Wednesday, April 17th, and moving forward, it will be observed on the third Wednesday of April.

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As part of our ongoing commitment to celebrate excellence within the interior landscaping community, we invite all plants@work members to nominate two members of staff in your company or depot who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in their respective areas or consistently gone above and beyond for your organisation or the industry at large.
Feeling appreciated and valued can uplift moods, affect our performance and make us feel more connected to our work, and bring out the very best in us. Knowing that others value what we do can encourage us to improve our performance even more. According to the Gallup Institute, both meaningful public and private recognition are bigger motivational perks than being given a promotion, bonus, or raise. So, we’re shouting about people working in the interior landscaping industry.
If you have individuals who deserve special acknowledgment, plants@work have unique badges to honour and recognise their contributions. These badges will be sent to you to commemorate International Interior Landscaper's Day.
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How to Nominate:
  • Identify Your Stars: Nominate one or two individuals who have showcased exceptional results or consistently invested special efforts.
  • Send Us Names: Kindly get in touch with us with the names of your nominees by the 30th of March.
  • Share Their Stories: By the end of March, we'll need a few words from you about your nominated staff member. It's as simple as sharing their achievements and contributions.
Why Nominate:
  • Celebrating Excellence: Recognise and celebrate the hard work and dedication of your team members.
  • International Exposure: The badges worn on their uniform offer a unique photo opportunity, creating visibility on International Interior Landscaper's Day.
  • Industry Appreciation: Showcase the exceptional talent within your organisation and contribute to uplifting the entire industry.
Let's come together to shine a spotlight on those who make a difference. Nominate your outstanding team members today and help us celebrate their achievements!