NPWW 2020 – Measuring the Success Part 2

on Friday, 24 July 2020. Posted in News

Here are some statistics from our website and social media:

The website
Published on the website during National Plants at Work Week 2020
• Plants our perfect partners release to Superstore’s in house magazines
• Main release: Plants are Good for us Wherever we Work
• Announcement of this year's Favourite Office Plant - Sansevieria
• Creating a calm office space by Ian Drummond plants@work Ambassador and IGD Creative Director
• Favourite Office Plant runners up
• In Tray Plants launch for Indoor Garden Design
• Biotecture’s involvement with the Nightingale Project at Excel

Website visitors
• We had 35,166 hits to the website over 5 days (7 -13 July); that's 7,033 per day on average – slightly less than last year
• The total hits to date (20 July) this month are 84,543 suggesting this month will beat all other months so far this year even though we have racked up good figures (i.e. 91,000+ in February and January, 99,000 in June)
• There have been 1,500 unique visitors to the site this month to date (about 450 more than last year)
• The two pages that received the most visitors were the dedicated NPWW page and the Sansevieria stands tall to take the title
• The NPWW dedicated page on the website has had 365 hits during July


Web 2

Social media
• We reported the green home office, the Favourite Office Plant and runners up as well as the other news items on four social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) throughout the week.
• We also shared links to our cards, and to research items as well as stories from members. Considering there was much less physical activity and involvement this year, we are pleased with the efforts made my companies and individual members to support this campaign.

• We reached 21.3K people via our Twitter account over the 5 days 13 - 17 July

Tweets earned


Top mention  top media tweet


• On Facebook we covered most of the NPWW posts on the dedicated page but sharing some on plants@work's own page too.
• We reached 587 via the NPWW dedicated page over the 5 days and gained 3 new followers. This is roughly a third down on last year.
• On the plants@work page we reached 385 and gained 4 new page likers. This is down by about a third as well.

Facebook NPWW page 


Facebook Plants at Work page

Plants at work

  • Our top post on the NPWW page was


  • Our top post on the plants@work page was



We posted on our plantsatwork group (313 members) and shared to our NPWW group (46 members) throughout the week, a total of 13 posts.

There were 49 posts tagged #plantsatworkweek from us, members and other companies.
Our reach (impressions) for the week was 6,687 i.e. total number of times our posts were seen.

Insta 1 npww

Insta 2 npww  Insta 3 npww

Insta 5 NPWW    Insta 7 npww

Insta 6 npww



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