NPWW 2020 – Measuring the Success Part 3

on Monday, 03 August 2020. Posted in News

The things we loved most about this year's National Plants at Work Week:
Our word Sansevieria

word plant

Our social distncing infographic with plants 

Facebook lr


And of course our home office series of official photos:

FB card

So whilst members couldn’t get out and do pop-ups, plant give-aways or workshops to celebrate NPWW, several posted on social media daily reminding everyone who saw or read their posts that it was #plantsatworkweek. These included Green Team Interiors, Indoor Garden Design and Tivoli Group Ltd.

Some companies shared their home or alternative offices including Botanica Nurseries, Nature at Work, Els at Green Team Interiors, Joanna from plants@work, our Chair, Madeleine Evans and Ian from Indoor Garden Design.

Indoor Garden Design launched In-Tray offering plants to home offices in some areas of London which supported our theme this year. 


Instagram had 50+ mentions of this special week from a wide range of companies beyond our membership all using the #plantsatworkweek hashtag. This is more than double the mentions on Twitter which is our normal champion for this week. A number of these posts feature home offices with plants of course and some added another stress-relieving addition, their pet.

plantsatworkweek hashtag 1  plantsatworkweek hashtag 2


plantsatworkweek hashtag 3  plantsatworkweek hashtag 4

plantsatworkweek hashtag 5

Twitter posts

Twitter, our usual most used channel, was still active but noticeably less so than usual.

T 7   T 19

T 9  T 10

T 16  T 11

T 6  T 1


Facebook posts
Facebook is always further down the list because here in the UK Facebook isn’t the first business to business social media channel.

FB 13  FB 3

FB 6  FB 10

LinkedIn posts

There were a number of posts on LinkedIn too including an interesting article shared by our Deputry Chaire, Kenneth Freeman which mentions several other company’s initiatives and that you can read here. Kenneth, as head of his new company Purposeful Places, was also interviewed about biophilic design by Argenta Wellness which you can listen to here:

For those of you who did support the week however you could, we thank you. And of course we’d like to take one ore opportunity to thank our sponsors Koberg Bv.


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