Passion Flower: Patio Plant for 2019

on Thursday, 18 April 2019. Posted in News

The radiant centrepiece on your patio this summer is the passion flower, with fairytale flowers and delectable green tendrils that climb upwards with the aid of corkscrew curls.

Passion 1

  • There are no words to describe the beauty of the passion flower.
  • Colours from fiery to serene.
  • Fabulous stamens above a heart full of frills.
  • Flowers shaped like stars.
  • Lots of green leaves and comical spirals with which the tendrils grip onto wires, fencing or a pergola.

These climbers are ideal for providing lots of colour and delight in a small area. Passion flower (scientific name: Passiflora) can climb up a pergola, post, wall or shed and thus provide a natural backdrop on the patio whilst simply being planted in a pot.

Passion 2

Passion for pure
The passion flower’s nonchalant, climbing growth habit fits well with the pure nature garden trend that calls for a healthy dose of wilderness. The plant flowers all summer long until well into the autumn. Some species even bear edible passion fruit after a good hot summer. All this patio plant needs to be able to thrive is a sturdy pot, something to climb against and a sunny spot.

Passion 5

Most species of passion flower originate from the tropical and subtropical part of North and Latin America, Asia and Australia, where the plants grow in the woods and rainforests, using trees and bushes as a support to be able to climb towards the light.

There are some 500 known species of passion flower. In addition to shades of blue and purple, the plant also comes with red, orange, yellow and white flowers. There are also deciduous and evergreen species. Some are more hardy than others. The most common species is Passiflora caerulea, which can cope reasonably well with cold.

Passion 3

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