Pimp Your Poinsettias

on Wednesday, 18 December 2019. Posted in News

plants@work Ambassador Ian Drummond of Indoor garden Design has penned an article for Flora Magazine about p@w Christmas Favourite Plant of 2019. He explains how to get the most from poinsettias this Christmas. Here are some extracts. 
Flora magazine article
Something magical has been happening to the way we view poinsettias over the last few years. For far too long they have been considered a little too brassy for good taste, temperamental, and unreliable, too. Sudden leaf drop is not what you need when creating show-stopping installations. (...)
But all that has now changed. It’s come to light, that when sourced from a trusted supplier (who knows how to care, store and transport them properly) they have a healthy and reliable life expectancy. (...)
Flora magazine article2
While the scarlet colour we all know and love will always be the most popular - bonded as it is with Christmas, Rudolph’s nose, Santa’s clothing, and roaring fires - we now get to choose from a wonderful selection of vibrant or muted pinks, creams and soft whites, all of which have altered our aesthetic perception. With a new perspective alongside an appreciation of the fundamental needs of the plant, poinsettia has been given an image revamp and it’s about time too! (...)
They are also beautiful as cut flowers. You just need to dip the snipped stems in recently boiled water for a few seconds to seal in the milky sap, then put straight into cold water.

Flora Magazine December19