Plants to bring colour to March

on Thursday, 07 March 2019. Posted in News

After February confused us with spring-like weather and soaring temperatures, March was literally blown in by Storm Freya with wind and rain. So we need something to cheer us up for this month which officially rings the start of spring and summer time as the clocks spring forward at the end of the month.

Fortunately The Joy of Plants has provided two colourful plants: lilies for indoors and blossom trees for your outdoor spaces.

Lily 3  Blossom 6

The Lily
The lily (Lilium) makes a real feature or talking point thanks to its beautifully coloured flowers that sometimes also have an exquisite fragrance. The potted lily is characterised by the long buds on the stem and the leaf that grows along the whole stem. The choice of colours with potted lilies is extensive: from red, yellow, orange and pink through to bi-coloured cultivars and pastel shades.

Lily 2

The plant grows from a bulb and consists of more than a hundred species, of which most can be found in the northern hemisphere. The original plant probably came from China. In the wild, lilies usually grow in a woodland setting or on grasslands.

The range of potted lilies
The range of potted lilies is growing. Well known varieties come from the Asiatic Group, often with brightly coloured flowers and from the Oriental Group, with large flowers with a strong scent. There are also double-flowered lilies in pink and white, without pollen and with a light sweet fragrance. There are also compact varieties in pink or white with round leaves and a light fragrance too.

Blossom 2

Blossom trees
Have you considered using 'blossom trees' for your outside planting schemes? Fruit trees offer a lot of interest from the fabulous blossoms followed by a full crown of leaves and finally fruit. There are a number of compact blossom trees that will work well where there is limited space too.

The apple tree (Malus), peach tree (Prunus persica) and plum tree (Prunus domestica) all fit perfectly with the general growing desire to know where food comes from and the ongoing enthusiasm for pick-your-own food plants. Maybe something your clients will want to encourage?

Blossom 1

Plum, Apple, Peach, Pear blossoms

The apple tree and plum tree originate from central Asia, whilst the peach tree comes from north-west China and were brought to the West along the old Silk Road. They have all been part of humans’ surroundings - and diet - in Eurasia for centuries.

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