Preparing for International Interior Landscaper Day

on Wednesday, 20 March 2024. Posted in News

International Interior Landscaper Day is plants@work’s brand new initiative in cooperation with American and Australian partners and is designated to celebrate all interior landscaping professionals. This year the day will be marked on Wednesday, 17th of April and in the future on the 3rd Wednesday in April. International Int Landsc Day copy

People perform best when they feel appreciated
Feeling appreciated and valued can uplift moods, affect our performance and make us feel more connected to our work, and bring out the very best in us. Knowing that others value what we do can encourage us to improve our performance even more. According to Gallup Institute, both meaningful public and private recognition are bigger motivational perks than being given a promotion, bonus, or raise. So, let’s shout about people working for our industry; let’s recognise all the people who contribute to our everyday success.
Who can celebrate?
We would like to invite all interior landscapers and all interior landscaping professionals and all people who are passionate about interior plants and healthy work environments to celebrate this special day with us. 
The ways you can celebrate
Celebrations don’t need to be extravagant and expensive

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  • Get your staff involved in a photo challenge for social media - #InteriorLandscaperAtWork
Nothing tells the story better than the image. Ask your staff to post images from their working day; ask them for a few words of commentary.
  • Take a photo of ALL your team together for social media 
Update your social media sites with the group image of your team.
  • The power of saying “Thank You” - make special time to recognise achievements of your team
Often left unsaid, we tend to forget the impact a simple 'thank you' can have on people. This is a good time to thank and recognise your staff for their hard work and dedication. So, whether it's a thank-you card for your team, or simply an email or zoom call, it's really the thought and sincerity that counts.
  • Share a story from the life of an interior landscaper

When a story catches our attention and engages us, when someone tells us their own personal story we find it engaging and interesting. Are there any unusual projects that you worked on that you could share the story with us, please?


  • Do a shout-out publicly on Linkedin, FB or other social media
On top of internal communication that recognises your staff, external validation on social media can be a fantastic vehicle for further publicity, and this gesture also elevates their personal brand.
  • Celebrate with a coffee break or lunch or post-work drinks
Getting together is a great way to engage in a work celebration and can go beyond just a simple “thank you”, nothing perks up the team spirit quite like a special coffee and cake break, a nice, tasty mid-day meal or get-together after work. Whatever approach you choose, these events are a good chance for your team to just chat and you to talk more formally about their accomplishments.
  • plants@work members DO NOT forget to recognise your staff with an Interior Landscaper Award


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Whatever you do, however you choose to Celebrate International Interior Landscaper Day we wish you a fantastic time, and please remember to use #InteriorLandscaperDay in your social media posts.