Publicising Houseplant Appreciation Week

on Monday, 08 January 2024. Posted in News

Yesterday we circulated this press release about Houseplant Appreciation Week which is this week. While we posted stories about plants in honour of the week on social media, it was interesting to see how many people were aware of this special week and posting on the various media available from X/Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Here's the release:

Houseplant Appreciation Week 

We’re excited to let everyone know that it is Houseplant Appreciation Week (8 – 13 January). We will be celebrating this start to the New Year with the many reasons to include houseplants in your place of work wherever it is.


Houseplants have a magical way of transforming any space into a haven of tranquillity, the lush greenery and vibrant colours create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Houseplants are so much more than a green decoration!
Houseplants work from the basics of giving us something to admire in our workspace to the many reasons that research has found to benefit us. These benefits range from improving our mental health to refreshing the air and improving our productivity.

From Joy of Plants

Sharing our space with a plant or two really helps our stress levels shown by the results of several research studies. Even one plant can make a difference but our talented members can help you to show them off in the best ways.

Plants also refresh the air giving us cleaner air to breathe which is good to know if you are working in an office with sealed windows or in an area where the outside air is likely to be contaminated by traffic fumes.

Sansevieria JOP

Other studies have shown that having plants in your room, help to improve productivity and also help with creativity. These areas of research might seem obscure but they have been proven several times by different researchers.

During Houseplant Appreciation Week
During this week, our members will be joining us on social media to celebrate the beauty and benefits of houseplants.
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