RHS choice Sansevieria stands tall to take the title

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We are pleased to announce the winner of the Favourite Office Plants of the Year 2020, the Sansevieria.

The distinguished panel of horticultural judges had a short list of four RHS approved houseplants to consider for their abilities to reduce stress levels and improve mental health. e would like to thank the judges for their feedback: Matthew Appleby, Horitculture Week, the team at Pro Landscaper, Greg Redwood, Head of Glasshouses at Kew Gardens and a senior RHS judge, Claudia de Yong, Garden Designer, Jane Perrone, Podcaster, Rona Wheeldon of Flowerona, Chanel de Kock from Flower Council of Holland, Michael Perry aka Mr Plant Geek, 

Favourite Office Plant of the Year 2020

Thank goodness for technology; despite COVID-19 we managed to have our panel of judges select their Favourite Office Plant of the Year from a short list of four RHS Approved houseplants used in one of this year’s RHS Chelsea virtual videos, via email.

And the winner is … Sansevieria aka Mother-in-Law’s Tongue or Snake Plant. A worthy winner as this eye-catching plant comes in many varieties, sizes and shapes. The criteria this year was all about improving our mental health especially after months of lockdown and home working which many people found difficult.

Sansevieria 2 lr

Plants@work ambassador Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design confirms, “I am so pleased Sansevieria came top in this year’s Favourite Office Plant of the Year. It’s such a great plant, available in so many varieties and a really hardy option. I have used them on many projects and it’s always the plant I recommend to someone just starting with houseplants”

Based on research
It’s a well-known fact that plants are good for us in so many ways but helping to reduce our anxiety and stress have meant they’ve come into their own this year more than ever. Lockdown has been difficult for many reasons from spending time working alone, without seeing family and friends, trying to school children while working from home, worrying about job or business security. We’ve all been under a lot of pressure.

Judges comments
“Sansevieria cultivars: the large range of different leaf shapes and habits and their tolerance of differing light level and erratic watering means that a place can be found for them in most schemes.” was the comment from Head of Greenhouses at Kew and a Senior RHS Judge, Greg Redwood.

Chanel de Kock from the Flower Council of Holland voted for this plant because not only is it easy to care for but it loves neglect, and is a great fuss-free choice for a home-office. “They’re also great for purifying the air and their shapes have energy-boosting qualities to help with productivity, as well as the fact that they’re making a big comeback in terms of trends. Their size variations and assortment are great to combine.”

Podcaster Jane Perrone commented, "Snake plants make such brilliant office plants, and they come in a wide range of colours and forms to suit every taste. They won't be bothered if they don't get a drink for a couple of weeks, or if it gets cold at night in winter, and treated right they can grow into really impressive plants: they even produce scented flowers once in a while!"

The runners-up
Claiming second and third places were Crassula and Scindapsus respectively.

FOP finalists 2 lr

The short list: Calathea, Crassula, Sansevieria and Scindapsus

#plants are good for us wherever we work.


Download and use the press release about the Favourite Office Plant of the Year 2020 (click here)