Round table discussion: How to market your awards for your company’s benefit

on Wednesday, 16 September 2020. Posted in News

This afternoon we hosted our first Round Table Discussion to talk about how to market your winning Leaf Awards. We have put together the following points from the discussion as a reference for you.

Leaf Awards

1. Tell the client that you are entering their scheme at time of entry

2. Tell client once you know results and congratulate and celebrate with them 

3. Send a press release to the horticultural press and/or the local press

4. Make a big deal about it on your website with a news article or a blog

5. Offer a blog about it for your client's website

6. Make a lot of noise on social media about your achievement

7. … and ask your client to do the same

8. Use quotes from judges if they are available in all of the above and your newsletter if you send one out

9. Use your winning awards as a selling point to new clients - make sure you have a 'Gold Leaf Award winners' on your website and company literature / in company info and of course verbally when you are speaking to them. This positions you as industry expert and differentiates you from competitors.

10. Celebrate with your team or if there are a lot of you, with those responsible for the scheme - it boosts staff morale and improves motivation

11. Remember an award is a third party endorsement in your company

12. Being an award winner also helps to attract and maintain new staff


It’s all about shouting about your accomplishments so that everyone knows what you've achieved. You might call it boasting but when you’ve been recognised as achieving a Leaf Award, then it’s worth shouting about. And you’re the best people to do it!

Our next Round Table discussion is on Friday 2 October; subject: Managing cash flow and Christmas during times of COVID, time to b confirmed.