The State of the Industry

on Monday, 17 December 2018. Posted in News

So where is the industry heading as we start a new year? Although we can't predict what may happen, we can comment on some trends that have been emerging over the last few months according to a number of our members.

The pull of biophilia
One of the trends recognised is that now more than ever before, planning for green installations is likely to be architect or designer led at project conception whether it's a new build or a refurbishment. Great for members to plan green planting in right from the start. Members also felt that specifiers are definitely being influenced by the biophilia movement.


Source unknown

Increasing value and investing in wellbeing
Greening buildings both inside and out is seen to increase property value and to entice and retain key employees. Green walls have gained credibility as part of investment in wellness programmes for businesses wishing to be seen as acting in the best interests of their employees' health and wellbeing.

Smarkets Photo 1

Installation by Enterprise Plants

Veolia RERF 4

Installation and maintenance by Biotecture

Larger installations around the country, including atria, are making a comeback too which has meant an increased use of larger trees.

Feature trees

Installation by Urban Planters Leeds

An eye to investment and management costs
There is a move towards purchase of plants and containers rather than rental plus many companies are seeing the benefits of maintenance and are factoring in these costs at the start.

Some members feel that maintenance still needs more recognition as a professional service offered by trained horticulturalists to keep installations looking in tip-top condition. This is also one of these reasons why plants@work has put a greater emphasis on the maintenance category in our awards for the last two years.

Trends: Cabinet tops, table tops, cacti and succulents
Interior planting trends vary but common ground has been seen in the desire for cabinet top and table top planters. These are space-saving, make it easier to incorporate planting in the hub of the workplace as well as keeping cabinet tops free from piles of papers. Hanging plants are being seen increasingly with installations hanging from ceilings while grouping of plants has also seen return.

Just hanging around

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Kobalt 4 lr

Installation by Indoor Garden Design

Plus a trend towards a more relaxed and homely feel i.e. more eclectic rather than corporate. The call for cacti and succulents is popular to achieve this and follows a trend picked up on Instagram and in the press for the popularity of succulents. Terrariums can also be added to this list.


Succulents & Terrarium by Indoor Garden Design


Overall it seems our members are very positive about the industry right now. Let's hope that continues through 2019.