Using your Leaf Award wins to promote your business

on Monday, 23 April 2018. Posted in News

On Thursday 26 April, members will find out which of the 40 projects entered will win one of our Leaf Awards. Five nominated technicians from three different member companies will also find out if they have won a Leaf Award.

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It's a little premature to offer congratulations as no one knows who has won what until the ceremony, but one thing we can say, is if you have won an award, make sure you use it to your advantage.

So if you've won, what will your next step be? After a few celebratory drinks at the event and placing the Award or certificate in a suitable place back at HQ, what's next? Keep the momentum going and tell the world - or as much of it as you can reach.

We have some guests coming to the event from a number of publications and we will also be sending out a release to promote how amazing you all are, but with 40 projects, yours may not get the limelight you'd like it to have. So time for you to take the bull by the horns and do some promotion yourself.

Use social media
Make sure you shout about your achievement on social media and remember to include a photo. This is the fastest way to get the news out there. Get your company members to share it on their timelines too. All platforms are good so use your favourites.

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Notify the client
As our awards are based on one of your projects, notify your client that their installation or the maintenance of their project has won an award. We are sure they will be delighted and will probably also publicise the fact that their premises are award winning. It's another avenue to get that message out there.

Remember if their project is a gold winner, you can order an extra Leaf Award for them. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. has all the details including the costs.

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Issue your own press release
This gives you the opportunity to shout about your achievement and to promote your company specifically. If you don't already have a media list, please ask us for contacts of publications - if we can help we will. Don't forget to attach a photo with your release, of you or a representative receiving the award and/or of the winning installation.

Tell the rest of your company
Make a big deal of it in your company - it's great for company morale generally to know that they are part of an award-winning team. Arrange a small in-house celebration with cake or some other treat.


This is a good time to explain to employees how you will use the award-win in your company publicity too.

Company profile
It's a fact that clients like to be associated with award-winning companies, so make sure your current clients and future prospects are aware of your achievements too. Maybe add 'award-winning' to your name in company descriptions. This can really add authority to your profile.

If necessary invest in tasteful stickers to add to already printed company brochures etc announcing that your are award winners; make sure you name the award as a plants@work leaf of excellence award for Design & Installation (or whichever category you win in).

In your newsletter
If you send out a newsletter be sure to announce your achievement in the next edition so that all who receive it are aware of your award. If a company newsletter isn't part of your remit, email all your clients to make sure they know you've won an award.


Of course, add the achievement to your website - it's the first place that prospective new clients will look. Make sure the achievement is noted on your home page i.e. 'award-winning interior landscaper' or similar.

If you have a blog or a news page, add your achievement to this section too, either as a news item or maybe as a more personal blog. Perhaps ask the person who collected the award to put down their feelings of actually going up on stage to collect the award or ask the project manager of the team that installed or maintain the project to speak about how proud they are.


Don't forget the technicians
Technnicians are defnitey the backbone of our industry. So if one of your technicians wins a Leaf Award recognising their excellence and dedication, it is another opportunity to shout about your company. Make sure the clients that they look after know they have an award-winning technician working with them. It's also a good selling point for new clients too.

Don't waste the effort
You'll all agree, it takes a lot of time and effort to enter the awards, even though we have tried to streamline the process, so don't waste the opportunity to get as much return on that investment and effort as possible.

The hidden factors
Next year when you enter, maximise your PR by sending out a release to say you've entered these annual awards; add it to your newsletter and put it on social media. It means you get longer to promote your business around this one event.

PS It's worth remembering that being a pro-active, award-winning company is attractive to existing staff and also makes you a desirable company to work for.

This  year's Leaf Award event is sponsored by Koberg.