Why should you enter awards?

on Tuesday, 02 October 2018. Posted in News

The simple and obvious answers are for the prestige, to reward your expertise and show off your skills to everyone else but there are many other reasons.

2018 trophies crop

Just the action of entering awards can be a useful marketing tool and if and when you achieve a good result, this too can obviously be used.

Entering awards is also good for staff morale especially if you get them involved with the entries, taking pride in their contributions. And we don't just mean recognising them in the Technician's awards - although they are important and we'll come onto them in a moment. No involve your technicians in explaining how they maintain particular sites, maybe get them to take photos too and be sure to let them collect the awards for the sites they look after.

While Design & Installation entries are important, so too are those in the Maintenance section. Showing how you can keep the plants so that they stay looking as good as new is as necessary as the design side of things. Horticultural expertise should be recognised.

A word or two about entering awards
Martin Simmons, the current Head of Operations of the HTA summed up the importance of awards "Entering industry awards is part of business development. It rewards excellence and shows others how they can better their businesses."

"It is not all about winning," he adds. Just entering is an excellent first step. "The application process often forces you to look at your business from a new perspective and compare yourself to competitors. You’ll need to make sure you stand out from the crowd, whether that’s through innovation, diversity, growth, customer service, investment in people or strategic thinking."

Why are we mentioning this already?
Because it's time to start thinking about entering the next series of plants@work Leaf awards. As we have an earlier than usual Award Ceremony date next year (12 March), we need your entries earlier than usual. The deadline is the 30 November - still eight and a half weeks away.

Your Christmas installation entries can be submitted up until 31 December giving you time to install and photograph your innovative displays to celebrate this year's festivities.
You can find all the categories and details as well as the forms to download on our Awards page.