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The Internet has revolutionized the way information is exchanged and is continually evolving. Part of that change has involved the unique ability for anyone and everyone to have a presence and opinion on the web. We welcome plants@work members' contribution to our blog.

Help Ideas Grow with Houseplants on your Desk

The 9th National Plants at Work Week
During this year’s National Plants at Work Week 17 – 21 May, plants@work members, their customers, and members of the general public are invited to visit our virtual classroom to vote for their favourite office houseplant. Our virtual Exam Room Installation opens its door as a part of the Chelsea Fringe between 17-23 May.




With the deadline for our Leaf Awards looming (30 April), we asked Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design for his views on awards.
"Awards play a really important role within IGD. Over the years we have won a large number of awards in all sectors of our industry, from RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, BALI, Covent Garden Flower Market, City in Bloom, Pro Landscaper, and of course Plants at Work Awards.

Plants are good for us wherever we work

National Plants at Work Week 13 -17 July 2020 sponsored by Koberg bv - COVID19 and lockdown have certainly played havoc with our mental health, from worrying about catching the virus to passing it on, to missing loved ones and concerns over job and business security, the last few months have certainly made many of us a mental mess.




Plant culture: the trends to look forward to in 2020

I've been thinking a lot about why Biophilia and biophilic design has much more to do with evolution and the way our senses work, rather than the emotional response to nature that is so-often suggested.
Let’s look at one definition of biophilia. The most famous, and most important is that given by EO Wilson - the man who catalysed the development of the concept.



Plants, a waste of investment?

If you look at the dictionary definition of ‘waste’ it is ‘unwanted or unusable materials or substances’, or ‘to use or expend carelessly’. I guess it is the latter definition that the TaxPayers’ Alliance is referring to



12 Major Benefits of Social Media

We are all aware of how important social media is for business these days. We’ve heard how big corporations cash in on popular events with live-tweeting.
One of its main advantages is that it allows you to be instant. There’s no waiting for releases to be written and sent out let alone published. It really is ‘newsfeed’ as it happens.


Toxic People

It is estimated that our bodies carry 100 synthetic chemicals more than those of our grandparents. (Source: Environmental Supplement, The Guardian January 2000). For years we’ve been harping on about toxins in the air and of course how plants can clean the air of them.  We’ve reported that the Environment Protection Agency have declared that indoor air can be ten time dirtier than outdoor air and that the World Health Organisation has reported deaths from indoor air pollution reach 1.6 million per year globally.