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Welcome to plants@work

Welcome to the Plants at Work (formerly efig ltd) website  - the association representing Interior Landscapers by promoting the use and benefits of Interior Plants.
There are many benefits of joining us, including:
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National Plants at Work Week 13 -17 July 2020 sponsored by Koberg bv
COVID-19 and lockdown have certainly played havoc with our mental health, from worrying about catching the virus to passing it on, to missing loved ones and concerns over job and business security, the last few months have certainly made many of us a mental mess.


The one plus about lockdown and the good weather has been that many of us have had more opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors either exercising or gardening. Not surprising when a five year study found that those engaging with nature every day for a period of thirty days were still feeling the positive affects two months later.
Whilst other research has shown, having plants around you while you work is not only good for productivity but great to keep stress and anxiety levels low. Whilst, a recent research study found that having a plant on your desk and caring for it brought amazing calm and benefits to the owner.



So wherever you have been or will be working, plants are not an accessory but an essential need.
In the workplace
For your clients opening up their offices again and working out social distancing possibly with one-way routes around previously unmonitored walkways could be difficult. But plants can help. Here are some suggestions but whatever your concerns we are sure we can help.
  •  Install a new container with a hand sanitizer feature at the entrance to every floor
  • Use plants or moss as mobile walls/screens to separate colleagues or desks
  • Use large containers of plants or planted cabinet tops placed together for sign posting or as dividers






  • Try ‘cages’ i.e. open frame bookcases filled with plants
  • Use plants to divide break out areas too




  • Use hanging plants to signpost areas
 If you have other problem areas, please ask us and we’ll see how we can help with plants and planters.
The many benefits of plants
As well as the fact that plants help to reduce signs of stress, they also freshen the air and raise humidity levels. Airborne respiratory droplets are greatly reduced the higher the humidity levels are. As plants transpire 99% of the water they are given, we can see a simple sum meaning the more plants you have the greater the humidity levels.
Plants are also good for our general wellbeing and couldn’t be more needed than at a time like this. Not to mention the fact that we have that innate need to connect with nature and plants in our working spaces is an obvious way to do this.
Lastly, check out this advice from Alexander Bond about considering plants as the most important feature of your office, not an after-thought. You can read his ideas here at The Joy of Plants.
National Plants at Work Week 13 – 17 July 2020 sponsored by Koberg bv
All images courtesy of Koberg bv